Marilyn Maple


Ruggles Hubbard was one of the four men who became embroiled in a power struggle over Amelia Island, Florida, in the late summer of 1817. The island was originally occupied on June 29, 1817, by General Sir Gregor MacGregor, a Scottish revolutionary who claimed to represent several South American insurgent governments. He dreamed of freeing Florida from Spanish control with support he had solicited from certain United States citizens in Baltimore and Philadelphia. His flag, a green St. George’s Cross on a white field, was raised over Fernandina, as he proclaimed his victory in the name of the independence of South America. However, when Ruggles Hubbard, his fellow conspirator, sailed into Amelia Island aboard the privateering brig Morgiana, which was then flying the flag of Buenos Aires, without the supplies of guns, food, and money which were so desperately needed, MacGregor announced his departure.