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Book Reviews


PLACES IN THE SUN: THE HISTORY AND ROMANCE OF FLORIDA PLACE NAMES, by Bertha E. Bloodworth and Alton C. Morris, reviewed by Margaret L. Chapman; MALIGNED GENERAL: A BIOGRAPHY OF THOMAS S. JESUP, by Chester L. Keiffer, reviewed by Frank Laumer; THE STORY OF A NUN: JEANIE GORDON BROWN, by Jane Quinn, reviewed by Eileen F. Rice; ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF STATE LEADERSHIP IN FLORIDA PUBLIC EDUCATION, by Arthur O. White, reviewed by Harry A. Kersey, Jr.; TIME OF THE TURTLE, by Jack Rudloe, reviewed by Gloria Jahoda; INTELLECTUAL LIFE IN THE COLONIAL SOUTH, 1585-1763, by Richard Beale Davis, reviewed by Trevor Colbourn; LETTERS OF DELEGATES TO CONGRESS, 1774-1789, VOLUME 3: JANUARY 1-MAY 15, 1776, edited by Paul H. Smith, Gerard W. Gawalt, Rosemary Fry Plakas, and Eugene R. Sheridan, reviewed by Robert M. Calhoon; PLEASURE AND PAIN: REMINISCENCES OF GEORGIA IN THE 1840’s, by Emily Burke, reviewed by Gilbert C. Fite; OUR FIERY TRIAL: ABRAHAM LINCOLN, JOHN BROWN, AND THE CIVIL WAR ERA, by Stephen B. Oates, reviewed by Herbert Aptheker; OUR MASTERS THE REBELS: A SPECULATION ON UNION MILITARY FAILURE IN THE EAST, 1861-1865, by Michael C. C. Adams, reviewed by Robert Hartje; REVOLT AGAINST CHIVALRY: JESSIE DANIEL AMES AND THE WOMEN’S CAMPAIGN AGAINST LYNCHING, by Jacquelyn Dowd Hall, reviewed by Elliott Rudwick; IN SEARCH OF CANAAN: BLACK MIGRATION TO KANSAS, 1879-80, by Robert G. Athearn, reviewed by Joe M. Richardson; PAT HARRISON: THE NEW DEAL YEARS, by Martha H. Swain, reviewed by Wayne Flynt; LET THEM BE JUDGED: THE JUDICIAL INTERGRATION OF THE DEEP SOUTH, by Frank T. Read and Lucy S. McGough, reviewed by Augustus M. Burns, III; PROTEST AT SELMA. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR., AND THE VOTING RIGHTS ACT OF 1965, by David J. Garrow, reviewed by David R. Colburn; THE WHITE MAN’S INDIAN: IMAGES OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN FROM COLUMBUS TO THE PRESENT, by Robert F. Berkhofer, Jr., reviewed by Charles Hudson