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Book Reviews


THE SOUTHERN COLONIAL FRONTIER, 1607-1763, by W. Stitt Robinson, reviewed by Kenneth Coleman; THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR IN THE SOUTH: POWER, CONFLICT, AND LEADERSHIP. ESSAYS IN HONOR OF JOHN RICHARD ALDEN, edited by W. Robert Higgins, reviewed by Robin F. A. Fabel; A SACRED CIRCLE: THE DILEMMA OF THE INTELLECTUAL IN THE OLD SOUTH, 1840-1860, by Drew Gilpin Faust, reviewed by Charles B. Dew; “JOURNAL OF A SECESH LADY,” THE DIARY OF CATHERINE ANN DEVEREAUX EDMONSTON, 1860-1866, edited by Beth G. Crabtree and James W. Patton, reviewed by Anne Firor Scott; SHERMAN’S MARCH, by Richard Wheeler, reviewed by Richard M. McMurry; ABRAHAM LINCOLN AND RECONSTRUCTION: THE LOUISIANA EXPERIMENT, by Peyton McCrary, reviewed by Joseph G. Tregle, Jr.; THE KNIGHTS OF LABOR IN THE SOUTH, by Melton Alonza McLaurin, reviewed by William Warren Rogers; THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF THE COTTON SOUTH: HOUSEHOLDS, MARKETS, AND WEALTH IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY, by Gavin Wright, reviewed by Julia F. Smith; BLACK VIOLENCE: POLITICAL IMPACT OF THE 1960s RIOTS, by James W. Button, reviewed by Alton Hornsby, Jr.; SOUTH ATLANTIC URBAN STUDIES, VOLUME 3, edited by Samuel M. Hines, George W. Hopkins, Amy M. McCandless, and Jack R. Censer, reviewed by Walter B. Edgar; THE REGIONAL IMAGINATION: THE SOUTH AND RECENT AMERICAN HISTORY, by Dewey W. Grantbarn, reviewed by John S. Ezell; AMERICA AND THE NEW ETHNICITY, edited by David R. Colburn and George E. Pozzetta, reviewed by Gary R. Mormino; NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE CHICHIMECA, by George Pierre Castile, reviewed by John W. Griffin; SOUTHEASTERN INDIANS SINCE THE REMOVAL ERA, edited by Walter L. Williams, reviewed by Francis Paul Prucha; SLAVERY AND THE EVOLUTION OF CHEROKEE SOCIETY, 1540-1866, by Theda Perdue, reviewed by Kenneth Wiggins Porter; POTTERY AND THE FORT WALTON PERIOD, by Yulee W. Lazarus and Carolyn B. Hawkins and THE BUCK BURIAL MOUND, by Yulee W. Lazarus, reviewed by Jerald T. Milanich