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Book Reviews


ETHNIC MINORITIES IN GULF COAST SOCIETY: PROCEEDINGS OF THE GULF COAST HISTORY AND HUMANITIES CONFERENCE, VOLUME VIII, edited by Jerrell H. Shofner and Linda V. Ellsworth, reviewed by Gary Mormino; RELACIONES DE DEPENDENCIA ENTRE FLORIDA Y ESTADOS UNIDOS (1783-1820), by Pablo Tornero Tinajero, reviewed by Bruce S. Chappell; AFRICANS AND CREEKS: FROM THE COLONIAL PERIOD TO THE CIVIL WAR, by Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr., reviewed by Kenneth Wiggins Porter; AARON BURR: THE YEARS FROM PRINCETON TO VICE PRESIDENT, 1756-1805, by Milton Lomask, reviewed by Aubrey C. Land; THE PRESIDENCY OF ANDREW JACKSON: WHITE HOUSE POLITICS, 1829-1837, by Richard B. Latner, reviewed by Ernest M. Lander, Jr.; RETREAT FROM RECONSTRUCTION, 1869-1879, by William Gillette, reviewed by LaWanda Cox; JOHN HORRY DENT: SOUTH CAROLINA ARISTOCRAT ON THE ALABAMA FRONTIER, by Ray Mathis, reviewed by Edward C. Williamson; ORATORY IN THE NEW SOUTH, edited by Waldo W. Braden, reviewed by James W. Silver; SEARCH FOR CONSENSUS: THE STORY OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, by Ralph M. Goldman, reviewed by William C. Havard; AUTOMOBILE AGE ATLANTA: THE MAKING OF A SOUTHERN METROPOLIS, by Howard L. Preston, reviewed by Judson C. Ward, Jr.; REDNECK MOTHERS, GOOD OL' GIRLS AND OTHER SOUTHERN BELLES: A CELEBRATION OF THE WOMEN OF DIXIE, by Sharon McKern, reviewed by Ruth Amy; “TURN TO THE SOUTH“: ESSAYS ON SOUTHERN JEWRY, edited by Nathan M. Kaganoff and Melvin I. Urofsky, reviewed by Abraham J. Peck; STAND WATIE AND THE AGONY OF THE CHEROKEE NATION, by Kenny A. Franks, reviewed by Theda Perdue; HISPANIC-AMERICAN ESSAYS IN HONOR OF MAX LEON MOORHEAD, edited by William S. Coker, reviewed by Gilbert C. Din