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Book Reviews


LAND INTO WATER--WATER INTO LAND: A HISTORY OF WATER MANAGEMENT IN FLORIDA, by Nelson M. Blake, reviewed by George E. Buker; A REVOLUTIONARY PEOPLE AT WAR: THE CONTINENTAL ARMY AND AMERICAN CHARACTER, 1775-1783, by Charles Royster, reviewed by Gerard W. Gawalt; THE BEGINNINGS OF NATIONAL POLITICS: AN INTERPRETIVE HISTORY OF THE CONTINENTAL CONGRESS, by Jack N. Rakove, reviewed by Robert A. Rutland; THE MADISONS: A BIOGRAPHY, by Virginia Moore, reviewed by John Hebron Moore; THE MAKING OF TOCQUEVILLE’S DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA, by James T. Schleifer, reviewed by Herbert Aptheker; CHATTEL SLAVERY AND WAGE SLAVERY: THE ANGLO-AMERICAN CONTEXT, 1830-1860, by Marcus Cunliffe, reviewed by Kenneth F. Kiple; WITNESSING SLAVERY: THE DEVELOPMENT OF ANTE-BELLUM SLAVE NARRATIVES, by Frances Smith Foster, reviewed by Charles B. Dew; THE SOUTH AND THREE SECTIONAL CRISES, by Don E. Fehrenbacher, reviewed by Clement Eaton; THE UNION CAVALRY IN THE CIVIL WAR. VOLUME ONE: FROM FORT SUMTER TO GETTYSBURG, 1861-1863, by Stephen Z. Starr, reviewed by James Lee McDonough; THE PAPERS OF ANDREW JOHNSON, VOLUME 5, 1861-1862, edited by Leroy P. Graf, Ralph W. Haskins, and Patricia P. Clark, reviewed by Richard N. Current; THE PRESIDENCY OF ANDREW JOHNSON, by Albert Castel, reviewed by James E. Sefton; THE DAY OF THE CARPETBAGGER: REPUBLICAN RULE IN MISSISSIPPI, by William C. Harris, reviewed by William I. Hair; LOUISIANA’S BLACK HERITAGE, by Robert R. MacDonald, John R. Kemp, and Edward F. Hass, reviewed by Bess Beatty; UPROOTED AMERICANS: ESSAYS TO HONOR OSCAR HANDLIN, edited by Richard L. Bushman, Neil Harris, David Rothman, Barbara Miller Solomon, and Stephan Thernstrom, reviewed by George E. Pozzetta; THE ONE AND THE MANY: REFLECTIONS ON THE AMERICAN IDENTITY, by Arthur Mann, reviewed by David Chalmers; THE PEOPLE’S VOICE: THE ORATOR IN AMERICAN SOCIETY, by Barnett Baskerville, reviewed by Joseph D. Cushman, Jr.; CLIO WAS A WOMAN: STUDIES IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN WOMEN, edited by Mabel E. Deutrich and Virginia C. Purdy, reviewed by Linda Vance; CIVILITIES AND CIVIL RIGHTS: GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA, AND THE BLACK STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM, by William H. Chafe, reviewed by David Colburn