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Book Reviews


FLORIDA’S POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT, edited by Manning J. Dauer, reviewed by Charlton W. Tebeau; FLORIDA’S AVIATION HISTORY: THE FIRST 100 YEARS, by Warren J. Brown, reviewed by John P. Ingle, Jr.; FLORIDA ARCHAEOLOGY, by Jerald T. Milanich and Charles H. Fairbanks, reviewed by Stephen J. Gluckman; THE REVOLUTION REMEMBERED: EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS OF THE WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE, edited by John C. Dann, reviewed by Geraldine M. Meroney; CORRESPONDENCE OF JAMES K. POLK. VOLUME V, 1839-1841, edited by Wayne Cutler, reviewed by Joseph H. Parks; VIOLENCE AND CULTURE IN THE ANTEBELLUM SOUTH, by Dickson D. Bruce, Jr., reviewed by Ernest M. Lander, Jr.; NEW MASTERS: NORTHERN PLANTERS DURING THE CIVIL WAR AND RECONSTRUCTION, by Lawrence N. Powell, reviewed by Joe Gray Taylor; RECONSTRUCTION AND REDEMPTION IN THE SOUTH, edited by Otto H. Olsen, reviewed by La Wanda Cox; NINETEENTH-CENTURY SOUTHERN LITERATURE, by J. V. Ridgely, reviewed by Marjory Bartlett Sanger; SOUTHERN WRITERS AND THE NEW SOUTH MOVEMENT, 1865-1913, by Wayne Mixon, reviewed by Kevin M. McCarthy; A SOUTHERN RENAISSANCE: THE CULTURAL AWAKENING OF THE AMERICAN SOUTH, 1930-1955, by Richard H. King, reviewed by Monroe Billington; OSCAR W. UNDERWOOD: A POLITICAL BIOGRAPHY, by Evans C. Johnson, reviewed by Wayne Flynt; THE LUMBEE PROBLEM: THE MAKING OF AN AMERICAN INDIAN PEOPLE, by Karen Blu, reviewed by Kendall Blanchard; FORT GIBSON: TERMINAL ON THE TRAIL OF TEARS, by Brad Agnew, reviewed by Edwin C. Bearss; THE UNITED STATES AND THE CARIBBEAN, 1900-1970, by Lester D. Langley, reviewed by James W. Cortada