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Book Reviews


FLORIDA’S GUBERNATORIAL POLITICS IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, by David R. Colburn and Richard K. Scher, reviewed by William C. Havard; THE U.S. NAVY IN PENSACOLA, FROM SAILING SHIPS TO NAVAL AVIATION (1825-1930), by George F. Pearce, reviewed by Frank L. Owsley, Jr.; A HISTORY OF COLUMBIA COUNTY, FLORIDA, by Edward P. Keuchel, reviewed by Jerrell H. Shofner; CONFERENCE ON FLORIDA’S MARITIME HERITAGE, CURTIS-HIXON CONVENTION CENTER, TAMPA, FLORIDA, MARCH 22-23, 1980, edited by Barbara A. Purdy, reviewed by Louis De Vorsey, Jr.; THE STRUGGLE FOR THE GULF BORDERLANDS: THE CREEK WAR AND THE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS, 1812-1815, by Frank Lawrence Owsley, Jr., reviewed by K. Jack Bauer; SOUTHERN EVANGELICALS AND THE SOCIAL ORDER, 1800-1860, by Anne C. Loveland, reviewed by Robert L. Hall; RELUCTANT IMPERIALISTS: CALHOUN, THE SOUTH CAROLINIANS, AND THE MEXICAN WAR, by Ernest McPherson Lander, Jr., reviewed by Robert Seager II; THE NASHVILLE CONVENTION: SOUTHERN MOVEMENT FOR UNITY, 1848-1851, by Thelma Jennings, reviewed by Ernest M. Lander, Jr.; STONES RIVER— BLOODY WINTER IN TENNESSEE, by James Lee McDonough, reviewed by Robert Hartje; BAPTIZED IN BLOOD: THE RELIGION OF THE LOST CAUSE, by Charles Reagan Wilson, reviewed by Walter B. Posey; ANKEE MISSIONARIES IN THE SOUTH: THE PENN SCHOOL EXPERIMENT, by Elizabeth Jacoway, reviewed by Henry L. Swint; THE AMERICAN NEGRO ACADEMY: VOICE OF THE TALENTED TENTH, by Alfred A. Moss, Jr.; A HISTORY OF FISK UNIVERSITY, 1856-1946, by Joe M. Richardson, reviewed by Daniel Schafer; THE SOUTHERN COMMON PEOPLE: STUDIES IN NINETEENTH-CENTURY SOCIAL HISTORY, edited by Edward Magdol and Jon L. Wakelyn, reviewed by William Warren Rogers; LABOR, CHURCH, AND THE SUGAR ESTABLISHMENT, LOUISIANA, 1887-1976, by Thomas Becnel, GREEN FIELDS: Two HUNDRED YEARS OF LOUISIANA SUGAR, by the Center for Louisiana Studies, reviewed by Thomas F. Armstrong; BLOOD RELATIONS: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE DU PONTS OF DELAWARE, by Leonard Mosley, reviewed by Edward F. Keuchel