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Book Reviews


JOSÉ DE EZPELETA, GOBERNADOR DE LA MOBILA, 1780-1781, by Francisco de Borja Medina Rojas, reviewed by Robin F. A. Fabel; SUN, SAND AND WATER: A HISTORY OF THE JACKSONVILLE DISTRICT U. S. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS, 1821-1975, by George E. Buker, reviewed by Nelson M. Blake; THE WESTWARD ENTERPRISE: ENGLISH ACTIVITIES IN IRELAND, THE ATLANTIC AND AMERICA, 1480-1650, edited by K. R. Andrews, N. P. Canny, and P. E. H. Hair, reviewed by Eugene Lyon; LETTERS OF DELEGATES TO CONGRESS, 1774-1789, VOLUME 5, AUGUST 16-DECEMBER 31, 1776, edited by Paul H. Smith, Gerard W. Gawalt, Rosemark Fry Plakas, and Eugene R. Sheridan, reviewed by Robert M. Calhoon; THE ONLY LAND THEY KNEW: THE TRAGIC STORY OF THE AMERICAN INDIANS IN THE OLD SOUTH, by J. Leitch Wright, Jr., reviewed by Charles Hudson; SHUCKS, SHOCKS, AND HOMINY BLOCKS: CORN AS A WAY OF LIFE IN PIONEER AMERICA, by Nicholas P. Hardeman, reviewed by John Hebron Moore; MARY CHESTNUT’S CIVIL WAR, edited by C. Vann Woodward, MARY BOYKIN CHESNUT: A BIOGRAPHY, by Elisabeth Muhlenfeld, reviewed by Richard N. Current; SADDLEBAG AND SPINNING WHEEL: BEING THE CIVIL WAR LETTERS OF GEORGE W. PEDDY, M.D. AND HIS WIFE KATE FEATHERSTON PEDDY, by George P. Cuttino, reviewed by Robert Harris; RICHMOND REDEEMED: THE SIEGE AT PETERSBURG, by Richard J. Sommers, reviewed by Richard M. McMurry; THE BOOKER T. WASHINGTON PAPERS, VOLUME 9: 1906-1908, edited by Louis R. Harlan and Raymond W. Smock, reviewed by Thomas D. Clark; THE NEW SOUTH AND THE “NEW COMPETITION”: TRADE ASSOCIATION DEVELOPMENT IN THE SOUTHERN PINE INDUSTRY, by James E. Fickle, reviewed by Jerrell H. Shofner; WARREN AKIN CANDLER: THE CONSERVATIVE AS IDEALIST, by Mark K. Bauman, reviewed by Judson C. Ward, Jr.; REPUBLICANS, NEGROES, AND PROGRESSIVES IN THE SOUTH, 1912-1916, by Paul D. Casdorph, reviewed by David Chalmers; POLITICS IS MY PARISH, by Brooks Hays, JUDGE FRANK JOHNSON AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN ALABAMA, by Tinsley E. Yarbrough, reviewed by David R. Colburn; IN THE REALMS OF GOLD: THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE TENTH CONFERENCE ON UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOQY, edited by Wilburn A. Cockrell, reviewed by Barbara A. Purdy