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Book Reviews


MY WORK AMONG THE FLORIDA SEMINOLES, by James Lafayette Glenn, edited by Harry A. Kersey, Jr., reviewed by William C. Sturtevant; THE VISION OF A CONTEMPORARY UNIVERSITY, by Russell M. Cooper and Margaret B. Fisher, reviewed by Jack C. Lane; THE TRANSLANTIC SLAVE TRADE: A HISTORY, by James A. Rawley, reviewed by Jack P. Greene; LA MISION DE DON LUIS DE ONIS EN LOS ESTADO UNIDOS (1809-1819), by Angel del Rio, reviewed by Jack D. L. Holmes; THE PAPERS OF HENRY CLAY, VOLUME 6: SECRETARY OF STATE, 1827, edited by Mary W. M. Hargreaves and James F. Hopkins, reviewed by Edwin A. Miles; THE PAPERS OF JOHN C. CALHOUN, VOLUME XIV, 1837-1889, edited by Clyde N. Wilson, reviewed by Herbert J. Doherty, Jr.; OLIVE BRANCH AND SWORD— THE COMPROMISE OF 1833, by Merrill D. Peterson, reviewed by John Pancake; EATING, DRINKING, AND VISITING IN THE SOUTH. AN INFORMAL HISTORY, by Joe Gray Taylor, reviewed by Gilbert C. Fite, SLAVERY AND FREEDOM, by Willie Lee Rose, reviewed by Lawrence N. Powell; RICE AND SLAVES: ETHNICITY AND THE SLAVE TRADE IN COLONIAL SOUTH CAROLINA, by Daniel C. Littlefield, reviewed by David R. Chesnutt; EDMUND RUFFIN, A BIOGRAPHY, by Betty L. Mitchell, reviewed by Thomas B. Alexander; LINCOLN AND BLACK FREEDOM, A STUDY IN PRESIDENTIAL LEADERSHIP, by LaWanda Cox, reviewed by Phillip S. Paludan; READING, ‘RITING, AND RECONSTRUCTION, THE EDUCATION OF FREEDMEN IN THE SOUTH, 1861-1870, by Robert C. Morris, reviewed by Henry L. Swint; EDUCATION AND THE RISE OF THE NEW SOUTH, edited by Ronald K. Goodenow and Arthur O. White, reviewed by Alexander R. Stoesen; TODAY’S IMMIGRANTS: THEIR STORIES, by Thomas Kessner and Betty Boyd Caroli, reviewed by George E. Pozzetta; THE CELLULOID SOUTH, HOLLYWOOD AND THE SOUTHERN MYTH, by Edward D. C. Campbell, Jr., THE SOUTH AND FILM, edited by Warren French, reviewed by Richard Alan Nelson