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Book Reviews


ANATOMY OF A LYNCHING, THE KILLING OF CLAUDE NEAL, by James R. McGovern, reviewed by Raymond Arsenault; GEORGE GAULD: SURVEYOR AND CARTOGRAPHER OF THE GULF COAST, by John D. Ware, reviewed by Louis DeVorsey; THE LOG OF H.M.S. Mentor, 1780-1781, A NEW ACCOUNT OF THE BRITISH NAVY AT PENSACOLA, edited by James A. Servies, reviewed by Frank L. Owsley, Jr.; BONNIE MELROSE, THE EARLY HISTORY OF MELROSE, FLORIDA, by Zonira Hunter Tolles, reviewed by Merlin G. Cox; WILLIAM LAUDERDALE: GENERAL ANDREW JACKSON’S WARRIOR, by Cooper Kirk, reviewed by Frank Laumer; THE GLORIOUS CAUSE: THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, 1763-1789, by Robert Middlekauff, reviewed by Trevor Colbourn; THE ABOLITION OF THE ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE: ORIGINS AND EFFECTS IN EUROPE, AFRICA, AND THE AMERICAS, edited by David Eltis and James Walvin, reviewed by Kenneth F. Kiple; THE PAPERS OF ANDREW JACKSON: VOLUME I, 1770-1803, edited by Sam B. Smith and Harriet Chappell Owsley, reviewed by Herbert J. Doherty, Jr.; ATTACK AND DIE: CIVIL WAR MILITARY TACTICS AND THE SOUTHERN HERITAGE, by Grady McWhiney and Perry D. Jamieson, reviewed by James Lee McDonough; FROM THE OLD SOUTH TO THE NEW: ESSAYS ON THE TRANSITIONAL SOUTH, edited by Walter J. Fraser, Jr., and Winfred B. Moore, Jr., reviewed by Jesse Earle Bowden; THERE IS A RIVER: THE BLACK STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM IN AMERICA, by Vincent Harding, reviewed by Peter Kolchin; THE HARDER WE RUN: BLACK WORKERS SINCE THE CIVIL WAR, by William H. Harris, reviewed by Thomas F. Armstrong; THE GERM OF LAZINESS, ROCKEFELLER PHILANTHROPY AND PUBLIC HEALTH IN THE NEW SOUTH, by John Ettling, reviewed by James Harvey Young; AMERICAN INDIANS AND THE CHRISTIAN MISSIONS, by Henry Warner Bowden, reviewed by Wilbur R. Jacobs; THE CHEROKEES, A CRITICAL BIBLIOGRAPHY, by Raymond D. Fogelson; SOUTHEASTERN FRONTIERS: EUROPEANS, AFRICANS, AND AMERICAN INDIANS, 1513-1840, A CRITICAL BIBLIOGRAPHY, by James Howlett O’Donnell III, reviewed by Jane E. Dysart; BLACK BOSS, POLITICAL REVOLUTION IN A GEORGIA COUNTY, by John Rozier, reviewed by David Chalmers