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Book Reviews


ANGLO-SPANISH CONFRONTATION ON THE GULF COAST DURING THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, edited by William S. Coker and Robert R. Rea, reviewed by J. Barton Starr; HENRY S. SANFORD: DIPLOMACY AND BUSINESS IN NINETEENTH-CENTURY AMERICA, by Joseph A. Fry, reviewed by Edward C. Williamson; ABACO, THE HISTORY OF AN OUT ISLAND AND ITS CAYS, by Steve Dodge, reviewed by Earl R. Hendry; THE POLITICS OF INDIAN REMOVAL, CREEK GOVERNMENT AND SOCIETY IN CRISIS, by Michael D. Green, reviewed by Theda Perdue; THE GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES IN THE ANTEBELLUM SOUTH, edited by James X. Corgan, reviewed by Charlotte M. Porter; GREGARIOUS SAINTS, SELF AND COMMUNITY IN AMERICAN ABOLITIONISM, 1830-1870, by Lawrence J. Friedman, reviewed by Larry E. Rivers; THE CAUSE OF THE SOUTH, SELECTIONS FROM De Bow’s Review, 1846-1867, edited by Paul F. Paskoff and Daniel J. Wilson, reviewed by John S. Ezell; A ROCK IN A WEARY LAND: THE AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH DURING THE CIVIL WAR AND RECONSTRUCTION, by Clarence E. Walker, reviewed by Jualynne E. Dodson; ORDEAL BY FIRE: THE CIVIL WAR AND RECONSTRUCTION, by James M. McPherson, reviewed by James E. Sefton; GOD AND GENERAL LONGSTREET: THE LOST CAUSE AND THE SOUTHERN MIND, by Thomas L. Connelly and Barbara L. Bellows, reviewed by Richard N. Current; JOSEPH LECONTE, GENTLE PROPHET OF EVOLUTION, by Lester D. Stephens, reviewed by Frederick Gregory; INDEPENDENCE AND EMPIRE, THE NEW SOUTH’S COTTON MILL CAMPAIGN, 1865-1901, by Patrick J. Hearden, reviewed by John Hebron Moore; TOWARD A NEW SOUTH? STUDIES IN POST-CIVIL WAR SOUTHERN COMMUNITIES, edited by Orville Vernon Burton and Robert C. McMath, Jr., reviewed by Ray Bennett; AN ABANDONED BLACK SETTLEMENT ON CUMBERLAND ISLAND, GEORGIA, by Mary R. Bullard, reviewed by John S. Otto; BLACK LEADERS OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, edited by John Hope Franklin and August Meier, reviewed by Peter D. Klingman; SOUTHERN BUSINESSMEN AND DESEGREGATION, edited by Elizabeth Jacoway and David R. Colburn, reviewed by Ronald H. Bayor; STEPPING OFF THE PEDESTAL: ACADEMIC WOMEN IN THE SOUTH, edited by Patricia A. Stringer and Irene Thompson, reviewed by Nancy A. Hewitt; VANISHING GEORGIA, by Sherry Konter, reviewed by Louis Schmier