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Book Reviews


THE OLDEST CITY, edited by Jean Parker Waterbury, reviewed by Eugene Lyon; SPANISH ST. AUGUSTINE: THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF A COLONIAL CREOLE COMMUNITY, By Kathleen Deagan, reviewed by John S. Otto; FORT LAUDERDALE AND BROWARD COUNTY, by Stuart B. McIver, reviewed by Thelma Peters; EDGE OF WILDERNESS: A SETTLEMENT HISTORY OF MANATEE RIVER AND SARASOTA BAY, by Janet Snyder Matthews, reviewed by Steven F. Lawson; THE PLOT TO STEAL FLORIDA: JAMES MADISON’S PHONY WAR, by Joseph Burkholder Smith, reviewed by J. Leitch Wright, Jr.; DOGS OF THE CONQUEST, by John Grier Varner and Jeanette Johnson Varner, reviewed by Amy Turner Bushnell; THE IMPERIAL OSAGES: SPANISH-INDIAN DIPLOMACY IN THE MISSISSIPPI VALLEY, by Gilbert C. Din and Abraham P. Nasatir, reviewed by Helen Hornbeck Tanner; CHEROKEE EDITOR, edited by Theda Perdue, reviewed by John K. Mahon; RENATO BELUCHE, SMUGGLER, PRIVATEER, AND PATRIOT, 1780-1860, by Jane Lucas De Grummond, reviewed by J. Leitch Wright, Jr.; CORRESPONDENCE OF JAMES K. POLK, VOLUME 6, edited by Wayne Cutler and Carese M. Parker, reviewed by John Hebron Moore; A CAROLINIAN GOES TO WAR: THE CIVIL WAR NARRATIVE OF ARTHUR MIDDLETON MANIGAULT, BRIGADIER GENERAL, C. S. A., edited by R. Lockwood Tower, reviewed by Stephen Davis; THE PAPERS OF ANDREW JOHNSON, VOLUME 6, 1862-1864, edited by Leroy P. Graf and Ralph W. Haskins, reviewed by Richard N. Current; NOTHING BUT FREEDOM: EMANCIPATION AND ITS LEGACY, by Eric Foner, reviewed by Michael Les Benedict; NORTHERNIZING THE SOUTH, by Richard N. Current, reviewed by Lawrence N. Powell; THIS LAND, THIS SOUTH, by Albert E. Cowdry, reviewed by James C. Banner; NOW THAT THE BUFFALO’S GONE: A STUDY OF TODAY’S AMERICAN INDIANS, by Alvin M. Josephy, Jr., reviewed by Walter L. Williams; A SOUTHERN REBEL, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF AUBREY WILLIS WILLIAMS, 1890-1965, by John A. Salmond, reviewed by J. Wayne Flynt