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Book Reviews


TAMPA: THE TREASURE CITY, by Gary R. Mormino and Anthony P. Pizzo, reviewed by Janet Snyder Matthews; MIZNER’S FLORIDA, AMERICAN RESORT ARCHITECTURE, by Donald W. Curl, reviewed by Ivan A. Rodriguez; STETSON UNIVERSITY: THE FIRST 100 YEARS, by Gilbert L. Lycan, reviewed by Charlton W. Tebeau; THEIR NUMBER BECOME THINNED, by Henry F. Dobyns, reviewed by Kathleen A. Deagan; CATHOLICS IN THE OLD SOUTH, edited by Randall M. Miller and Jon L. Wakelyn, reviewed by Michael V. Gannon; JOHN BELL HOOD AND THE WAR FOR SOUTHERN INDEPENDENCE, by Richard M. McMurry, reviewed by K. Jack Bauer; THE SOUTH RETURNS TO CONGRESS: MEN, ECONOMIC MEASURES, AND INTERSECTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS, 1868-1879, by Terry L. Seip, reviewed by Peter D. Klingman; SOUTHERN PROGRESSIVISM, by Dewey W. Grantham, reviewed by Willard B. Gatewood, Jr.; REFORM AND REFORMERS IN THE PROGRESSIVE ERA, edited by David R. Colburn and George E. Pozzetta, reviewed by William A. Link; THE SOUTHERN ENIGMA: ESSAYS ON RACE, CLASS, AND FOLK CULTURE, edited by Walter J. Fraser, Jr., and Winfred B. Moore, Jr., reviewed by Roy E. Finkenbine; SOUTH-WATCHING, SELECTED ESSAYS BY GERALD W. JOHNSON, edited by Fred Hobson, reviewed by Ralph L. Lowenstein; THE ORAL TRADITION IN THE SOUTH, by Waldo W. Braden, reviewed by Dickson D. Bruce, Jr.; LOUISIANA’S LEGAL HERITAGE, edited by Edward F. Haas, reviewed by Kermit L. Hall; HOPE AND DIGNITY: OLDER BLACK WOMEN OF THE SOUTH, by Emily Herring Wilson with photographs by Susan Mullally, reviewed by D’Ann Campbell; THE BLACK WORKER: THE ERA OF POST-WAR PROSPERITY AND THE GREAT DEPRESSION, 1920-1936, edited by Phillip S. Foner and Ronald L. Lewis, THE BLACK WORKER FROM THE FOUNDING OF THE CIO TO THE AFL-CIO MERGER, 1936-1955, edited by Phillip S. Foner and Ronald L. Lewis, reviewed by J. Wayne Flynt; ARTIFACTS AND THE AMERICAN PAST, by Thomas L. Schlereth, MATERIAL CULTURE STUDIES IN AMERICA, edited by Thomas J. Schlereth, reviewed by Daniel T. Hobby