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Book Reviews


FLORIDA AND THE AMERICAN MOTION PICTURE INDUSTRY 1898-1980, by Richard Alan Nelson, reviewed by Edward D. C. Campbell, Jr.; SPANISH COLONIAL FRONTIER RESEARCH, compiled and edited by Henry F. Dobyns, reviewed by John W. Griffin; HOMEWARD BOUND, A HISTORY OF THE BAHAMA ISLANDS TO 1850, by Sandra Riley, BAHAMIAN LOYALISTS AND THEIR SLAVES, by Gail Saunders, reviewed by Daniel L. Schafer; SLAVERY AND FREEDOM IN THE AGE OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, edited by Ira Berlin and Ronald Hoffman, reviewed by George C. Rogers, Jr.; BLACK LIBERATION ON CUMBERLAND ISLAND IN 1815, by Mary R. Bullard, reviewed by Kenneth Coleman; THE CALHOUN FAMILY AND THOMAS GREEN CLEMSON, DECLINE OF A SOUTHERN PATRIARCHY, by Ernest M. Lander, Jr., reviewed by Cheryll Ann Cody; THE PAPERS OF JOHN C. CALHOUN, VOLUME XV, 1839-1841, edited by Clyde N. Wilson, reviewed by Herbert J. Doherty, Jr.; THE BLACK PRESS IN THE SOUTH, 1865-1979, edited by Henry Lewis Suggs, reviewed by Emma Lou Thornbrough; HISTORY OF BLACK AMERICANS: FROM THE EMERGENCE OF THE COTTON KINGDOM TO THE EVE OF THE COMPROMISE OF 1850, by Philip S. Foner, HISTORY OF BLACK AMERICANS: FROM THE COMPROMISE OF 1850 TO THE END OF THE CIVIL WAR, by Philip S. Foner, reviewed by Larry E. Rivers; WHITE LAND, BLACK LABOR: CASTE AND CLASS IN LATE NINETEENTH-CENTURY GEORGIA, by Charles L. Flynn, Jr., reviewed by Paul A. Cimbala; THE CREATION OF MODERN GEORGIA, by Numan V. Bartley, reviewed by Joseph A. Tomberlin; THE BOOKER T. WASHINGTON PAPERS, edited by Louis R. Harland and Raymond W. Smock, reviewed by Thomas D. Clark; RELIGION IN THE SOUTHERN STATES, edited by Samuel S. Hill, Jr., reviewed by James H. Moorhead; ON JORDAN’S STORMY BANKS, by Samuel S. Hill, Jr., reviewed by Louis Schmier; AMERICAN WOMEN WRITERS: BIOGRAPHICAL ESSAYS, edited by Maurice Duke, Jackson R. Bryer, and M. Thomas Inge, reviewed by Robert Hemenway; THE PERCYS OF MISSISSIPPI: POLITICS AND LITERATURE IN THE NEW SOUTH, by Lewis Baker, reviewed by William M. Goza; GRACE KING, A SOUTHERN DESTINY, by Robert Bush, reviewed by Monroe Billington