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Book Reviews


BLACK EAGLE : GENERAL DANIEL “CHAPPIE " JAMES , J R., by James R. McGovern, reviewed by Jim Haskins; THIS DESTRUCTIVE WAR: THE BRITISH CAMPAIGN IN THE CAROLINAS, 1780-1782, by John S. Pancake, reviewed by Hugh F. Rankin; THE SLAVE'S NARRATIVE, edited by Charles T. Davis and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., reviewed by Larry E. Rivers; WHITE SOCIETY IN THE ANTEBELLUM SOUTH, by Bruce Collins, reviewed by John Hebron Moore; NORTH CAROLINA PLANTERS AND THEIR CHILDREN, 1800-1860, by Jane Turner Censer, reviewed by Cheryll Ann Cody; BLACK MASTERS: A FREE FAMILY OF COLOR IN THE OLD SOUTH, by Michael P. Johnson and James L. Roark, reviewed by Paul A. Cimbala; ATLAS OF ANTEBELLUM SOUTHERN AGRICULTURE, by Sam Bowers Hilliard, reviewed by John S. Otto; THE CONFEDERATE GOVERNORS, edited by W. Buck Yearns, reviewed by Thomas B. Alexander and Robert E. Hunt; IRON AFLOAT: THE STORY OF THE CONFEDERATE ARMORCLADS, by William N. Still, Jr., reviewed by George E. Buker; BREAKING THE LAND: THE TRANSFORMATION OF COTTON, TOBACCO, AND RICE CULTURES SINCE 1880, by Pete Daniel, reviewed by Robert Snyder; U. B. PHILLIPS: A SOUTHERN MIND, by John Herbert Roper, reviewed by William A. Link; LABOR OF LOVE, LABOR OF SORROW: BLACK WOMEN, WORK, AND THE FAMILY FROM SLAVERY TO THE PRESENT, by Jacqueline Jones, reviewed by Nancy A. Hewitt; THE TRANSPLANTED: A HISTORY OF IMMIGRANTS IN URBAN AMERICA, by John Bodnar, reviewed by George E. Pozzetta; THE NEW CITY: URBAN AMERICA IN THE INDUSTRIAL AGE, 1860-1920, by Raymond A. Mohl, reviewed by Gary Mormino; SACRED GROVES AND RAVAGED GARDENS : THE FICTION OF EUDORA WELTY, CARSON MCCULLERS, AND FLANNERY O'CONNOR, by Louise Westling, reviewed by Stephen J. Whitfield; MUSEUM PUBLIC RELATIONS, by G. Donald Adams, reviewed by Daniel T. Hobby; THE CARE OF ANTIQUES AND HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS, edited by A. Bruce MacLeish, reviewed by Patricia R. Wickman