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Book Reviews


THE FLORIDA SITUADO: QUANTIFYING THE FIRST EIGHTY YEARS, by Engel Sluiter, reviewed by Lyle N. McAlister; BEYOND THE NEXT MOUNTAIN: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY BY ROBERT CRAWFORD WOODARD, DECEMBER 9, 1867-August 31, 1949, reviwed by Paul S. George; BERNARD ROMANS: FORGOTTEN PATRIOT OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. MILITARY ENGINEER AND CARTOGRAPHER OF WEST POINT AND THE HUDSON VALLEY, by Lincoln Diamant, reviewed by Louis De Vorsey, Jr.; THE GEORGIA-FLORIDA CONTEST IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, 1776-1778, by Martha Condray Searcy, reviewed by Robin F. A. Fabel; MY GOLD COAST: SOUTH FLORIDA IN EARLIER YEARS, by Lora Sinks Britt, reviewed by Thelma Peters; MCKEITHEN WEEDEN ISLAND: THE CULTURE OF NORTHERN FLORIDA, A.D. 200-900, by Jerald T. Milanich, Ann S. Cordell,Vernon J. Knight, Jr., Timothy A. Kohler, and Brenda J. Sigler-Lavelle, reviewed by John F. Scarry; SET FAIR FOR ROANOKE: VOYAGES AND COLONIES, 1584-1606, by David Beers Quinn, reviewed by Paul E. Hoffman; ALABAMA AND THE BORDERLANDS: FROM PREHISTORY TO STATEHOOD, edited by R. Reid Badger and Lawrence A. Clayton, reviewed by Michael V. Gannon; THE PAPERS OF ANDREW JACKSON, VOLUME II, 1804-1813, edited by Harold D. Moser, Sharon Mac Pherson, and Charles F. Bryan, Jr., reviewed by Herbert J. Doherty, Jr.; THE BICENTENNIAL OF JOHN JAMES AUDUBON, by Alton A. Lindsey, reviewed by Charlotte M. Porter; THE RISE OF THE URBAN SOUTH, by Lawrence H. Larsen, reviewed by James B. Crooks; THE BLACK SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT: A RELIGIOUS RESPONSE TO RACISM, by Hans A. Baer, reviewed by Jim Haskins; RELIGION IN THE SOUTH, edited by Charles Reagan Wilson, reviewed by Anne C. Loveland; EXORCISING BLACKNESS: HISTORICAL AND LITERARY LYNCHING AND BURNING RITUALS, by Trudier Harris, reviewed by Stephen J. Whitfield; ONE VOICE: RABBI JACOB M. ROTHSCHILD AND THE TROUBLED SOUTH, by Janice Rothschild Blumberg, reviewed by Kenneth W. Stein; AMERICA'S NATIONAL PARKS AND THEIR KEEPERS, by Ronald A. Foresta, reviewed by Michael G. Schene