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Book Reviews


MAY MANN JENNINGS: FLORIDA’S GENTEEL ACTIVIST, by Linda D. Vance, reviewed by Joan S. Carver; A HISTORY OF THE PRACTICE OF MEDICINE IN MANATEE COUNTY, FLORIDA, by Robert E. King, reviewed by Mark V. Barrow; LA REPÚBLICA DE LAS FLORIDAS: TEXTS AND DOCUMENTS, compiled by David Bushnell, reviewed by Bruce S. Chappell; LETTERS OF DELEGATES TO CONGRESS, 1774 - 1789, VOLUME 11: OCTOBER 1, 1778 - JANUARY 31, 1779, edited by Paul H. Smith, Gerald W. Gawalt, Ronald M. Gephart, and Eugene R. Sheridan, LETTERS OF DELEGATES TO CONGRESS, 1774-1789, VOLUME 12: FEBRUARY 1, 1779 - MARCH 31, 1779, edited by Paul H. Smith, Gerard W. Gawalt, and Ronald M. Gephart, reviewed by Robert M. Calhoon; THE OLD ARMY: A PORTRAIT OF THE AMERICAN ARMY IN PEACETIME, 1784-1898, by Edward M. Coffman, reviewed by Richard M. McMurry; YANKEE SAINTS AND SOUTHERN SINNERS, by Bertram Wyatt-Brown, reviewed by Jon L. Wakelyn; THE CHOCTAW BEFORE REMOVAL, edited by Carolyn Keller Reeves, reviewed by John H. Peterson; SLAVERY AND RICE CULTURE IN LOW COUNTRY GEORGIA, 1750-1860, by Julia Floyd Smith, reviewed by Julie Saville; THE MARCH TO THE SEA AND BEYOND: SHERMAN'S TROOPS IN THE SAVANNAH AND CAROLINAS CAMPAIGNS, by Joseph T. Glatthaar, reviewed by James I. Robertson; THE WEB OF SOUTHERN SOCIAL RELATIONS: WOMEN, FAMILY, AND EDUCATION, edited by Walter J. Fraser, Jr., R. Frank Saunders, Jr., and Jon L. Wakelyn, reviewed by Nancy A. Hewitt; CHRISTIAN RECONSTRUCTION: THE AMERICAN MISSIONARY ASSOCIATION AND SOUTHERN BLACKS, 1861-1890, by Joe M. Richardson, reviewed by Samuel S. Hill; PRESBYTERIAN MISSIONARY ATTITUDES, by Michael C. Coleman, reviewed by David E. Harrell, Jr.; ULRICH BONNELL PHILLIPS: HISTORIAN OF THE OLD SOUTH, by Merton L. Dillon, reviewed by Monroe Billington; A RIGHTEOUS CAUSE: THE LIFE OFWILLIAMJENNINGS BRYAN, by Robert W. Cherny, reviewed by D. R. (Billy) Matthews; SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE: NATIVISM AND LOUISIANA JUSTICE, 1921-1924, by John V. Baiamonte, Jr., reviewed by Edward F. Haas; LATIN JOURNEY: CUBAN AND MEXICAN IMMIGRANTS IN THE UNITED STATES, by Alejandro Portes and Robert L. Bach, reviewed by George E. Pozzetta; A CULTURE AT RISK: WHO CARES FOR AMERICA'S HERITAGE? by Charles Phillips and Patricia Hogan, reviewed by Daniel T. Hobby; TIME MACHINES:THE WORLD OF LIVINGHISTORY, by Jay Anderson, eviewed by Linda Ellsworth