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Book Reviews


THE IDEA OF FLORIDA IN THE AMERICAN LITERARY IMAGINATION, by Anne E. Rowe, reviewed by Richard Dwyer; INDIANS, COLONISTS, AND SLAVES: ESSAYS IN MEMORY OF CHARLES H. FAIRBANKS, edited by Kenneth W. Johnson, Jonathan M. Leader, and Robert C. Wilson, reviewed by Elizabeth J. Reitz; THE ARCHEOLOGY OF SLAVERY AND PLANTATION LIFE, edited by Theresa A. Singleton, reviewed by John S. Otto; THE PAPERS OF JEFFERSON DAVIS, VOLUME 5, 1853-1855, edited by Lynda Lasswell Crist and Mary Seaton Dix, reviewed by Bertram Wyatt-Brown; ON THE THRESHOLD OF FREEDOM: MASTERS AND SLAVES IN CIVIL WAR GEORGIA ,by Clarence L. Mohr, reviewed by Steven Hahn; WHY THE SOUTH LOST THE CIVIL WAR, by Richard E. Beringer, Herman Hattaway, Archer Jones, and William N. Still, Jr., reviewed by James E. Sefton; THE PAPERS OF ANDREW JOHNSON, VOLUME 7, 1864-1865, edited by LeRoy P. Graf, reviewed by Richard N. Current; AN OLD CREED FOR THE NEW SOUTH: PROSLAVERY IDEOLOGY AND HISTORIOGRAPHY, 1865-1918, by John David Smith, reviewed by Vincent P. De Santis; THE SOUTHERN RAILWAY: ROAD OF THE INNOVATORS, by Burke Davis, reviewed by William I. Hair; REDNECK LIBERAL: THEODORE G. BILBO AND THE NEW DEAL, by Chester M. Morgan, reviewed by Raymond Arsenault; SOUTHERN LIBERAL JOURNALISTS AND THE ISSUE OF RACE, 1920-1944, by John T. Kneebone, reviewed by Jesse Earle Bowden; A MASTER'S DUE: ESSAYS IN HONOR OF DAVID HERBERT DONALD, edited by William J. Cooper, Jr., Michael F. Holt, and John McCardell, reviewed by Michael O’Brien; STRUCTURE AND PROCESS IN SOUTHEASTERN ARCHAEOLOGY , by Roy S. Dickens, Jr., and H. Trawick Ward, reviewed by John F. Scarry; SPHERES OF LIBERTY: CHANGING PERCEPTIONS OF LIBERTY IN AMERICAN CULTURE, by Michael Kammen, reviewed by Kermit L. Hall; VOICES OF AMERICAN HOMEMAKERS, edited by Eleanor Arnold, reviewed by Linda Vance; CRABGRASS FRONTIER: THE SUBURBANIZATION OF THE UNITED STATES, by Kenneth T. Jackson, reviewed by Raymond A. Mohl