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Book Reviews


PANTON, LESLIE & COMPANY AND JOHN FORBES & COMPANY, 1783-1847, by William S. Coker and Thomas D. Watson, reviewed by James H. O’Donnell III; GATOR HISTORY: A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, by Samuel Proctor and Wright Langley, reviewed by Herbert J. Doherty, Jr.; PALM BEACH COUNTY: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY, by Donald W. Curl, reviewed by Thelma Peters; OUTPOSTS ON THE GULF: SAINT GEORGE ISLAND & APALACHICOLA FROM EARLY EXPLORATION TO WORLD WAR II, by William Warren Rogers, reviewed by George F. Pearce; VICTORIAN FLORIDA: AMERICA'S LAST FRONTIER, by Floyd and Marion Rinhart, reviewed by Donald W. Curl; HENRY FLAGLER: THE ASTONISHING LIFE AND TIMES OF THE VISIONARY ROBBER BARON WHO FOUNDED FLORIDA, by David Leon Chandler, reviewed by Linda Vance; SIX GALLEONS FOR THE KING OF SPAIN: IMPERIAL DEFENSE IN THE EARLY SEVENTEENTH CENTURY, by Carla Rahn Phillips, reviewed by Christopher Ward; LIBERTY AND POWER, 1600-1760, by Oscar and Lilian Handlin, reviewed by Darrett B. Rutman; CROWN AND CALUMET: BRITISH-INDIAN RELATIONS, 1783-1813, by Colin G. Calloway, reviewed by Jane Dysart; ZACHARY TAYLOR: SOLDIER, PLANTER, STATESMAN OF THE OLD SOUTHWEST, by K. Jack Bauer, reviewed by Frank Laumer; THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND THE SOUTH, 1855-1877, by Richard H. Abbott, reviewed by Elizabeth Studley Nathans; OLD SOUTH, NEW SOUTH: REVOLUTIONS IN THE SOUTHERN ECONOMY SINCE THE CIVIL WAR, by Gavin Wright, reviewed by Robert F. Durden; WHY ERA FAILED: POLITICS, WOMEN'S RIGHTS, AND THE AMENDING PROCESS OF THE CONSTITUTION, by Mary Frances Berry, reviewed by Joan S. Carver; LILLIAN SMITH: A SOUTHERNER CONFRONTING THE SOUTH, A BIOGRAPHY, by Anne C. Loveland, reviewed by Anne Goodwyn Jones; THE TOMBIGBEE WATERSHED IN SOUTHEASTERN PREHISTORY, by Ned J. Jenkins and Richard A. Krause, reviewed by Rochelle A. Marrinan