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Book Reviews


MIAMI: CITY OF THE FUTURE. By T. D. Allman, reviewed by Marcia J. Kanner; FLORIDA 'S ARMY: MILITIA , STATE TROOPS , NATIONAL GUARD, 1565-1985. By Robert Hawk, reviewed by John K. Mahon; THE FORGING OF THE UNION, 1781-1789. By Richard B. Morris, reviewed by Aubrey C. Land; A MACHINE THAT WOULD Go OF ITSELF: THE CONSTITUTION IN AMERICAN CULTURE. By Michael Kammen, reviewed by Kermit L. Hall; THE EAGLE'S NEST: NATURAL HISTORY AND AMERICAN IDEAS, 1812-1842. By Charlotte M. Porter, reviewed by Todd Savitt; ROBERT STAFFORD OF CUMBERLAND ISLAND : GROWTH OF A PLANTER . By Mary R. Bullard, reviewed by John S. Otto; THE PAPERS OF JOHN C. CALHOUN, VOLUME XVII: 1843-1844. Edited by Clyde M. Wilson, reviewed by Herbert J. Doherty, Jr.; INTELLECTUAL LIFE IN ANTEBELLUM CHARLESTON. Edited by Michael O’Brien and David Moltke-Hansen, reviewed by James E. Kibler, Jr.; TOMBEE: PORTRAIT OF A COTTON PLANTER. By Theodore Rosengarten, reviewed by Cheryll Ann Cody; THE C.S.S. FLORIDA: HER BUILDING AND OPERATIONS. By Frank Lawrence Owsley, CSS ALABAMA: BUILDER, CAPTAIN, AND PLANS. By Charles Grayson Summersell, reviewed by George E. Buker; RURAL WORLDS LOST: THE AMERICAN SOUTH, 1920-1960. By Jack Temple Kirby, reviewed by Robert C. McMath, Jr.; BIRMINGHAM’S RABBI: MORRIS NEWFIELD AND ALABAMA, 1895-1950. By Mark Cowett, reviewed by Louis Schmier; BEARING THE CROSS : MARTIN LUTHER KING , J R., AND THE SOUTHERN CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE. By David J. Garrow, reviewed by David R. Colburn; A NEW DIVERSITY IN CONTEMPORARY SOUTHERN RHETORIC. Edited by Calvin M. Logue and Howard Dorgan, reviewed by Bailey Thomson; ON DOING LOCAL HISTORY: REFLECTIONS ON WHAT LOCAL HISTORIANS DO, WHY, AND WHAT IT MEANS. By Carol Kammen, reviewed by Thomas Graham; THE ORIGIN AND DEVELOPMENT OF SCHOLARLY HISTORICAL PERIODICALS. By Margaret F. Stieg, reviewed by William F. Holmes