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Book Reviews


MARJORY STONEMAN DOUGLAS : VOICE OF THE RIVER : AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY WITH JOHN ROTHCHILD, by Marjory Stoneman Douglas, reviewed by LeRoy Collins; BOMBAST AND BROADSIDES: THE LIVES OF GEORGE JOHNSTONE, by Robin F. A. Fabel, reviewed by J. Barton Starr; YO SOLO: BERNARDO DE GÁLVEZ Y LA TOMA DE PANZACOLA EN 1781; UNA CONTRIBUCIÓ N ESPAÑOLA A LA INDEPENDENCIA DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS, by Carmen de Reparaz, reviewed by Joseph John Jova; FLORIDA'S VANISHING ARCHITECTURE, by Beth Dunlop, reviewed by Ivan A. Rodriguez; RECONSTRUCTING HISTORIC SUBSISTENCE WITH AN EXAMPLE FROM SIXTEENTH-CENTURY SPANISH FLORIDA, by Elizabeth J. Reitz and C. Margaret Scarry, reviewed by C. Wesley Cowan; ARTIFACTS OF THE SPANISH COLONIES OF FLORIDA AND THE CARIBBEAN, 1500-1800. VOLUME I: CERAMICS, GLASSWARE, AND BEADS, by Kathleen Deagan, reviewed by Jerald T. Milanich; THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF MISSION SANTA CATALINA DE GUALE: 1. SEARCH AND DISCOVERY, by David Hurst Thomas, reviewed by Marvin T. Smith; REPORT ON THE MOUND EXPLORATIONS OF THE BUREAU OF ETHNOLOGY, by Cyrus Thomas, introduction by Bruce C. Smith, reviewed by Kathleen Deagan; LETTERS OF DELEGATES TO CONGRESS, 1774-1789: VOLUME 13, JUNE 1-SEPTEMBER 30, 1779, edited by Paul H. Smith, Gerard W. Gawalt, and Ronald M. Gephart, reviewed by Robert M. Calhoon; IN PURSUIT OF REASON: THE LIFE OF THOMAS JEFFERSON, by Noble E. Cunningham, Jr., reviewed by Robert A. Rutland; MAJOR BUTLER'S LEGACY: FIVE GENERATIONS OF A SLAVEHOLDING FAMILY, by Malcolm Bell, Jr., reviewed by Lawrence Rowland; MORALITY AND UTILITY IN AMERICAN ANTISLAVERY REFORM, by Louis S. Gerteis, reviewed by Donald Yacovone; POLITICS AND SOCIETY IN THE SOUTH, by Earl Black and Merle Black, reviewed by Richard K. Scher; SOUTHERN FOLK, PLAIN AND FANCY: NATIVE WHITE SOCIAL TYPES, by John Shelton Reed, reviewed by F. N. Boney; No IVORY TOWER: MCCARTHYISM AND THE UNIVERSITIES, by Ellen W. Schrecker, reviewed by James C. Clark; THE SOUTHERN VISION OF ANDREW LYTLE, by Mark Lucas, reviewed by George Hallam; A WORLD UNSUSPECTED: PORTRAITS OF SOUTHERN CHILDHOOD, edited and introduced by Alex Harris, reviewed by David A. Kaufelt