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Book Reviews


LOUIS WILLIAM DUBOURG: BISHOP OF LOUISIANA AND THE FLORIDAS, BISHOP OF MONTAUBAN, AND ARCHBISHOP OF BESANÇON, 1766-1833. Volume one, SCHOOLMAN, 1766-1818; volume two, BISHOP IN Two WORLDS: 1818-1833, by Annabelle M. Melville, reviewed by Michael J. McNally; MELBOURNE VILLAGE: THE FIRST TWENTY-FIVE YEARS (1946-1971), by Richard C. Crepeau, reviewed by Donald W. Curl; LA DEFENSA DE LAS INDIAS, 1764-1799, by Julio Albi, reviewed by Eugene Lyon; INTIMACY AND POWER IN THE OLD SOUTH: RITUAL IN THE LIVES OF THE PLANTERS, by Steven M. Stowe, reviewed by William Henry Longton; THE EMERGENCE OF THE COTTON KINGDOM IN THE OLD SOUTHWEST: MISSISSIPPI, 1770-1860, by John Hebron Moore, reviewed by Richard S. Kirkendall; MCINTOSH AND WEATHERFORD, CREEK INDIAN LEADERS, by Benjamin W. Griffith, Jr., reviewed by Theda Perdue; BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM: THE CIVIL WAR ERA, by James M. McPherson, reviewed by Bertram Wyatt-Brown; ALEXANDER H. STEPHENS OF GEORGIA: A BIOGRAPHY, by Thomas E. Schott, reviewed by John M. Belohlavek; FROM CIVIL WAR TO CIVIL RIGHTS: ALABAMA: 1860-1960, compiled by Sarah Woolfolk Wiggins, reviewed by Jerrell H. Shofner; WHITE VIOLENCE AND BLACK RESPONSE : FROM RECONSTRUCTION TO MONTGOMERY, by Herbert Shapiro, reviewed by William F. Holmes; ONCE A CIGAR MAKER: MEN, WOMEN, AND WORK CULTURE IN AMERICAN CIGAR FACTORIES, 1900-1919, by Patricia A. Cooper, reviewed by Gary R. Mormino; SOUTHERNERS AND EUROPEANS: ESSAYS IN A TIME OF DISORDER, by Andrew Lytle, reviewed by Anne E. Rowe; THE BINGHAMS OF LOUISVILLE : THE DARK HISTORY BEHIND ONE OF AMERICA'S GREAT FORTUNES, by David Leon Chandler with Mary Voltz Chandler, HOUSE OF DREAMS : THE BINGHAM FAMILY OF LOUISVILLE , by Marie Brenner, reviewed by James C. Clark; VARIETIES OF SOUTHERN RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE, edited by Samuel S. Hill, reviewed by Gaines M. Foster; SOUTHERN CIVIL RELIGIONS IN CONFLICT: BLACK AND WHITE BAPTISTS AND CIVIL RIGHTS, 1947-1957, by Andrew Michael Manis, reviewed by Monroe Billington; BLACKS IN SOUTHERN POLITICS, edited by Laurence W. Moreland,Robert P. Steed, and Tod A. Baker, reviewed by William A. Link; THE MAKING OF URBAN AMERICA, edited by Raymond A. Mohl, reviewed by James B. Crooks; INDIANS IN AMERICAN HISTORY, AN INTRODUCTION, edited by Frederick Hoxie, reviewed by John H. Peterson; AMERICAN INDIAN HOLOCAUST AND SURVIVAL: A POPULATION HISTORY SINCE 1942, by Russell Thornton, reviewed by Henry F. Dobyns; THE BUSINESS OF JEWS IN LOUISIANA, 1840-1875, by Elliott Ashkenazi, reviewed by Richard B. Latner