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Book Reviews


ST. PETERSBURG AND THE FLORIDA DREAM, 1888-1950, by Raymond Arsenault, reviewed by Rodney E. Dillon, Jr.; PURSUITS OF HAPPINESS: THE SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT OF EARLY MODERN BRITISH COLONIES AND THE FORMATION OF AMERICAN CULTURE, by Jack P. Greene, reviewed by Darrett B. Rutman; BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA: MERCHANT SEAMEN, PIRATES, AND THE ANGLO-AMERICAN MARITIME WORLD, 1700-1750, by Marcus Rediker, reviewed by Christopher Ward; WAR AND SOCIETY IN REVOLUTIONARY AMERICA: THE WIDER DIMENSIONS OF CONFLICT, by Don Higginbotham, reviewed by David T. Morgan; THE LIFE OF ANDREW JACKSON, by Robert V. Remini, reviewed by Richard B. Latner; WITHIN THE PLANTATION HOUSEHOLD: BLACK AND WHITE WOMEN OF THE OLD SOUTH, by Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, reviewed by Nancy A. Hewitt; A HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN RICE INDUSTRY, 1685-1985, by Henry C. Dethloff, reviewed by John Hebron Moore; THE CREATION OF CONFEDERATE NATIONALISM: IDEOLOGY AND IDENTITY IN THE CIVIL WAR SOUTH, by Drew Gilpin Faust, reviewed by John Niven; MARY TODD LINCOLN: A BIOGRAPHY, by Jean H. Baker, reviewed by D’Ann Campbell; AN IRISHMAN IN DIXIE: THOMAS CONOLLY'S DIARY OF THE FALL OF THE CONFEDERACY, edited by Nelson D. Lankford, reviewed by Bailey Thomson; THOSE TERRIBLE CARPETBAGGERS: A REINTERPRETATION, by Richard Nelson Current, reviewed by Joe M. Richardson; DISEASE AND DISTINCTIVENESS IN THE AMERICAN SOUTH, edited by Todd L. Savitt and James Harvey Young, reviewed by Kenneth F. Kiple; THE EDUCATION OF BLACKS IN THE SOUTH, 1860-1935, by James D. Anderson, reviewed by Larry E. Rivers; C. VANN WOODWARD, SOUTHERNER, by John Herbert Roper, reviewed by Herbert J. Doherty; THE LIFE AND DEATH OF THE SOLID SOUTH: A POLITICAL HISTORY, by Dewey W. Grantham, reviewed by David R. Goldfield; RETHINKING THE SOUTH: ESSAYS IN INTELLECTUAL HISTORY, by Michael O’Brien, reviewed by Julian M. Pleasants; SHADES OF THE SUNBELT: ESSAYS ON ETHNICITY, RACE, AND THE URBAN SOUTH, edited by Randall M. Miller and George E. Pozzetta, reviewed by James B. Crooks; CUBA: BETWEEN REFORM AND REVOLUTION, by Louis A. Perez, Jr., reviewed by Jerry Poyo