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Book Reviews


URBAN VIGILANTES IN THE NEW SOUTH: TAMPA, 1882-1936, by Robert P. Ingalls., reviewed by William F. Holmes; THE FLORIDA SEMINOLES AND THE NEW DEAL, 1933-1942, by Harry A. Kersey, Jr., reviewed by Kenneth Philp; LIKE BEADS ON A STRING: A CULTURE HISTORY OF THE SEMINOLE INDIANS OF NORTHERN PENINSULAR FLORIDA, by Brent Richards Weisman, reviewed by Susan Greenbaum; KEY MARCO’S BURIED TREASURE: ARCHAEOLOGY AND ADVENTURE IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY, by Marion Spjut Gilliland, reviewed by Randolph J. Widmer; PROSLAVERY: A HISTORY OF THE DEFENSE OF SLAVERY IN AMERICA, 1701-1840, by Larry E. Tise, reviewed by Charles Reagan Wilson; EVANGELICALS AND CONSERVATIVES IN THE EARLY SOUTH, 1740-1861, by Robert M. Calhoon, reviewed by Samuel S. Hill; JOHN C. CALHOUN AND THE PRICE OF UNION: A BIOGRAPHY, by John Niven, reviewed by John M. Belohlavek; THE PAPERS OF JOHN C. CALHOUN: VOLUME XVIII, 1844, edited by Clyde N. Wilson, reviewed by Herbert J. Doherty; ABRAHAM LINCOLN: PUBLIC SPEAKER, by Waldo W. Braden, reviewed by Lawrence L. Hewitt; RECONSTRUCTION: AMERICA’S UNFINISHED REVOLUTION, 1863-1877, by Eric Foner, reviewed by Jerrell H. Shofner; THE MEN AND THE MILLS: A HISTORY OF THE SOUTHERN TEXTILE INDUSTRY, by Mildred Gwin Andrews, reviewed by Edward N. Akin; FREAK SHOW: PRESENTING HUMAN ODDITIES FOR AMUSEMENT AND PROFIT, by Robert Bogdan; THE TRADE CARD IN NINETEENTH-CENTURY AMERICA, by Robert Jay, reviewed by Robert E. Snyder; THE AMERICAN INDIAN EXPERIENCE: A PROFILE, 1524 TO THE PRESENT, by Philip Weeks, reviewed by William Evans; DEPRESSION POST OFFICE MURALS AND SOUTHERN CULTURE: A GENTLE RECONSTRUCTION, by Sue Bridwell Beckham, reviewed by Paul M. Siboroski; TALMADGE: A POLITICAL LEGACY, A POLITICIAN’S LIFE: A MEMOIR, by Herman E. Talmadge, with Mark Royden Winchell, reviewed by Raymond Arsenault; NANCY HANKS, AN INTIMATE PORTRAIT: THE CREATION OF A NATIONAL COMMITMENT TO THE ARTS, by Michael Straight, reviewed by Ann Henderson; THE PREVAILING SOUTH: LIFE AND POLITICS IN A CHANGING CULTURE, edited by Dudley Clendinen, reviewed by Gregory Bush; THE SOUTH'S NEW POLITICS: REALIGNMENT AND DEALIGHMENT, edited by Robert H. Swansbrough and David M. Brodsky, reviewed by Richard K. Scher; THE NEW SOUTH FACES THE WORLD: FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND THE SOUTHERN SENSE OF SELF, 1877-1950, by Tennant S. McWilliams, reviewed by James J. Horgan; HERVEY ALLEN, 1889-1949: A LITERARY HISTORIAN IN AMERICA, by Stuart E. Knee, reviewed by Kevin M. McCarthy