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Book Reviews


THE RED HILLS OF FLORIDA, 1528-1865, by Clifton Paisley, reviewed by Michael G. Schene; THE WILDERNESS COAST: ADVENTURES OF A GULF COAST NATURALIST, by Jack Rudloe, reviewed by Jesse Earle Bowden; JOHN KNIGHT: A PUBLISHER IN A TUMULTUOUS CENTURY, by Charles Whited, reviewed by Paul S. George; THE KING SITE: CONTINUITY AND CONTACT IN SIXTEENTH -CENTURY GEORGIA, edited by Robert L. Blakely, reviewed by Ann F. Ramenofsky; SOLDIERS BLUE AND GRAY, by James I. Robertson, Jr., reviewed by Richard M. McMurry; LIFELINE OF THE CONFEDERACY: BLOCKADE RUNNING DURING THE CIVIL WAR, by Stephen R. Wise, reviewed by Howard Jones; THE GUNS OF CEDAR CREEK, by Thomas A. Lewis, IF IT TAKES ALL SUMMER: THE BATTLE OF SPOTSYLVANIA, by William D. Matter, reviewed by Frank L. Owsley, Jr.; THE GRANITE FARM LETTERS : THE CIVIL WAR CORRESPONDENCE OF EDGEWORTH AND SALLIE BIRD, edited by John Rozier, reviewed by Phinizy Spalding; THE PRIVATE CIVIL WAR: POPULAR THOUGHT DURING THE SECTIONAL CONFLICT, by Randall C. Jimerson, reviewed by Lewis N. Wynne; AFRO-AMERICAN WOMEN OF THE SOUTH AND THE ADVANCEMENT OF THE RACE, 1895-1925, by Cynthia Neverdon-Morton, reviewed by Maxine D. Jones; THE PARTY OF REFORM: DEMOCRATS IN THE PROGRESSIVE ERA, by David Sarasohn, reviewed by Melvin I. Urofsky; BELK: A CENTURY OF RETAIL LEADERSHIP, by Howard E. Covington, Jr., reviewed by Edward F. Keuchel; THE NEW DEAL IN THE URBAN SOUTH, by Douglas L. Smith, reviewed by Thomas S. Morgan; THE PARTY OF FEAR: FROM NATIVIST MOVEMENTS TO THE NEW RIGHT IN AMERICAN HISTORY, by David H. Bennett, reviewed by Roger D. Hardaway; PARTING THE WATERS: AMERICA IN THE KING YEARS, 1954-63, by Taylor Branch, reviewed by David R. Colburn; DIVERSITIES OF GIFTS: FIELD STUDIES IN SOUTHERN RELIGION, edited by Ruel W. Tyson, Jr., James L. Peacock, and Daniel W. Patterson, reviewed by Mark K. Bauman; NEW DIRECTIONS IN AMERICAN INDIAN HISTORY, edited by Colin G. Calloway, reviewed by John R. Finger; SOVEREIGNS AND LIBERTY : CONSTITUTIONAL DISCOURSE IN AMERICAN CULTURE, by Michael Kammen, reviewed by Kermit L. Hall