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Book Reviews


A GUIDE TO THE HISTORY OF FLORIDA, edited by Paul S. George, reviewed by Jacqueline K. Fretwell; BLACKS AND SOCIAL CHANGE: IMPACT OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT IN SOUTHERN COMMUNITIES, by James Button, reviewed by Steven F. Lawson; TWELVE ON THE RIVER ST. JOHNS, by Charles E. Bennett, reviewed by Thomas Graham; MARKLAND, by Jean Parker Waterbury, reviewed by Albert Manucy; THE SOUTHEASTERN CEREMONIAL COMPLEX: ARTIFACTS AND ANALYSIS, edited by Patricia Galloway, reviewed by John W. Griffin; THE MATERIAL BASIS OF THE POSTBELLUM TENANT PLANTATION: HISTORICAL ARCHAEOLOGY IN THE SOUTH CAROLINA PIEDMONT, by Charles Orser, Jr., reviewed by Theresa A. Singleton; THE SOUTHERN FRONTIERS, 1607-1860: THE AGRICULTURAL EVOLUTION OF THE COLONIAL AND ANTEBELLUM SOUTH, by John Solomon Otto, reviewed by John Hebron Moore; SECRET AND SACRED: THE DIARIES OF JAMES HENRY HAMMOND, A SOUTHERN SLAVEHOLDER, edited by Carol Bleser, reviewed by Shirley Leckie; THE PAPERS OF JEFFERSON DAVIS, VOLUME 6, 1856-1860, edited by Lynda Lasswell Crist and Mary Seaton Dix, reviewed by Bertram Wyatt-Brown; ANDREW JOHNSON: A BIOGRAPHY, by Hans L. Trefousse, ANDREW JOHNSON AND THE NEGRO, by David Warren Bowen, reviewed by Richard N. Current; POLITICAL LEADERSHIP IN A SOUTHERN CITY: NEW ORLEANS IN THE PROGRESSIVE ERA, 1896-1902, by Edward F. Haas, reviewed by Jeffrey S. Adler; BOOKER T. WASHINGTON IN PERSPECTIVE: ESSAYS OF LOUIS R. HARLAN, edited by Raymond W. Smock, reviewed by Linda O. McMurry; PLAIN FOLK IN THE NEW SOUTH: SOCIAL CHANGE AND CULTURAL PERSISTENCE, 1880-1915, by I. A. Newby, reviewed by Edward N. Akin; THE EVOLUTION OF SOUTHERN CULTURE, edited by Numan V. Bartley, reviewed by William Warren Rogers; CONVERSATIONS WITH SHELBY FOOTE, edited by William C. Carter, reviewed by Willard B. Gatewood, Jr.; AFRO-AMERICAN WRITING TODAY: AN ANNIVERSARY ISSUE OF THE SOUTHERN REVIEW, edited by James Olney, reviewed by Jim Haskins; DOCUMENTING AMERICA, 1935-1943, edited by Carl Fleischhauer and Beverly W. Brannan, reviewed by Robert E. Snyder; GEORGIA GOVERNORS IN AN AGE OF CHANGE: FROM ELLIS ARNALL TO GEORGE BUSBEE, edited by Harold P. Henderson and Gary L. Roberts, reviewed by Ronald H. Bayor