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Book Reviews


VENICE: JOURNEY FROM HORSE AND CHAISE, by Janet Snyder Matthews, reviewed by Leland M. Hawes, Jr.; THE EPISCOPAL DIOCESE OF FLORIDA, 1892-1975, by George R. Bentley, reviewed by Joseph D. Cushman; THE JOURNAL OF DON FRANCISCO SAAVEDRA DE SANGRONIS , 1780-1783, edited and introduced by Francisco Morales Padrón, reviewed by Jane Landers; THE MINORCANS OF FLORIDA: THEIR HISTORY, LANGUAGE, AND CULTURE, by Philip D. Rasico, reviewed by Jane Quinn; BIG SUGAR: SEASONS IN THE CANE FIELDS OF FLORIDA, by Alec Wilkinson, reviewed by Robert H. Zieger; PIONEER COLLEGE: THE CENTENNIAL HISTORY OF SAINT LEO COLLEGE, SAINT LEO ABBEY, AND HOLY NAME PRIORY, by James J. Horgan, reviewed by Charles W. Arnade; HE INCLUDED ME: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF SARAH RICE, transcribed and edited by Louise Westling, reviewed by Daniel L. Schafer; AMERICA'S HISTORIC LANDSCAPES: COMMUNITY POWER AND THE PRESERVATION OF FOUR NATIONAL HISTORIC SITES, by Ary J. Lamme III, reviewed by Murray D. Laurie; Two WORLDS: THE INDIAN ENCOUNTER WITH THE EUROPEAN, 1492-1509, by S. Lyman Tyler, reviewed by William F. Keegan; POWHATAN'S MANTLE: INDIANS IN THE COLONIAL SOUTHEAST, edited by Peter H. Wood, Gregory A. Waselkov, and M. Thomas Hatley, reviewed by John F. Scarry; THE LOYALIST PERCEPTION AND OTHER ESSAYS, by Robert M. Calhoon, reviewed by J. Barton Starr; THE EDGE OF THE SWAMP: A STUDY IN THE LITERATURE AND SOCIETY OF THE OLD SOUTH, by Louis D. Rubin, Jr., reviewed by Jon L. Wakelyn; NATCHEZ BEFORE 1830, edited by Noel Polk, reviewed by Christopher Morris; FIGHTING FOR THE CONFEDERACY : THE PERSONAL RECOLLECTIONS OF GENERAL EDWARD PORTER ALEXANDER, edited by Gary W. Gallagher, reviewed by Richard M. MCMUrry; AN UNCERTAIN TRADITION: CONSTITUTIONALISM AND THE HISTORY OF THE SOUTH, edited by Kermit L. Hall and James W. Ely, Jr., reviewed by Richard L. Aynes; A DEATH IN THE DELTA: THE STORY OF EMMETT TILL, by Stephen J. Whitfield, reviewed by Glen Jeansonne; A TURN IN THE SOUTH, by V. S. Naipaul, reviewed by William I. Hair; LOOKING SOUTH: CHAPTERS IN THE STORY OF AN AMERICAN REGION, edited by Winfred B. Moore, Jr., and Joseph F. Tripp, reviewed by Willard B. Gatewood, Jr.; STORYTELLERS: FOLKTALES AND LEGENDS FROM THE SOUTH, edited by John A. Burrison, reviewed by Suzanne C. Linder