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Book Reviews


OPERATION DRUMBEAT: THE DRAMATIC TRUE STORY OF GERMANY'S FIRST U-BOAT ATTACKS ALONG THE AMERICAN COAST IN WORLD WAR II, by Michael Gannon, reviewed by George E. Buker; CONFEDERATE FLORIDA: THE ROAD TO OLUSTEE, by William H. Nulty, reviewed by Richard M. McMurry; FIRST ENCOUNTERS: SPANISH EXPLORATIONS IN THE CARIBBEAN AND THE UNITED STATES, 1492-1570, edited by Jerald T. Milanich and Susan Milbrath, reviewed by Amy T. Bushnell; HEARTH AND KNAPSACK: THE LADLEY LETTERS, 1857-1880, edited by Carl M. Becker and Ritchie Thomas, reviewed by Zack C. Waters; THE KING'S RANGER: THOMAS BROWN AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION ON THE SOUTHERN FRONTIER, by Edward J. Cashin, reviewed by Alan Gallay; NINE FLORIDA STORIES BY MARJORY STONEMAN DOUGLAS, edited by Kevin M. McCarthy, reviewed by Jonathan Harrington; PUBLIC FACES-PRIVATE LIVES: WOMEN IN SOUTH FLORIDA, 1870s-1910s, by Karen Davis, reviewed by Stuart B. McIver; GEORGE WYTHE RANDOLPH AND THE CONFEDERATE ELITE, by George Green Shackelford, reviewed by Thomas F. Armstrong; GENERAL A. P. HILL: THE STORY OF A CONFEDERATE WARRIOR, by James I. Robertson, Jr., reviewed by William Garrett Piston; PRISON LIFE AMONG THE REBELS: RECOLLECTIONS OF A UNION CHAPLAIN, edited by Edward D. Jervey, reviewed by Edward K. Eckert; THE UNION LEAGUE MOVEMENT IN THE DEEP SOUTH: POLITICS AND AGRICULTURAL CHANGE DURING RECONSTRUCTION, by Michael W. Fitzgerald, reviewed by Joe M. Richardson; "WITH ALL AND FOR THE GOOD OF ALL": THE EMERGENCE OF POPULAR NATIONALISM IN THE CUBAN COMMUNITIES OF THE UNITED STATES, 1848-1898, by Gerald E. Poyo, reviewed by Nancy A. Hewitt; ATLANTA LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY: GUARDIAN OF BLACK ECONOMIC DIGNITY, by Alexa Benson Henderson, reviewed by Edward F. Keuchel; IN SEARCH OF THE NEW SOUTH: THE BLACK URBAN EXPERIENCE IN THE 1970s AND 1980s, edited by Robert D. Bullard, reviewed by Raymond A. Mohl; POOR BUT PROUD: ALABAMA'S POOR WHITES, by Wayne Flynt, reviewed by Gilbert C. Fite; BACK TO BIRMINGHAM: RICHARD ARRINGTON, JR., AND HIS TIMES, by Jimmie Lewis Franklin, reviewed by Jim Haskins; WITH FIDDLE AND WELL-ROSINED BOW: OLD-TIME FIDDLING IN ALABAMA, by Joyce H. Cauthen, reviewed by Augustus Burns; RACE AND HISTORY: SELECTED ESSAYS, 1938-1988, by John Hope Franklin, reviewed by Stephen J. Whitfield; THE URBAN SOUTH: A HISTORY, by Lawrence H. Larsen, reviewed by Kent Kaster II