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Book Reviews


LOS SOBREVIVIENTES DE LA FLORIDA: THE SURVIVORS OF THE DE SOTO EXPEDITION, by Ignacio Avellaneda, reviewed by Marvin T. Smith; CHARLES H. JONES, JOURNALIST AND POLITICIAN OF THE GILDED AGE, by Thomas Graham, reviewed by James B. Crooks; FLORIDA PORTRAIT: A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF FLORIDA, by Jerrell Shofner, reviewed by William M. Goza; THRILLS, CHILLS,& SPILLS - A PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY OF EARLY AVIATION ON THE WORLD'S MOST BIZARRE AIRPORT - THE BEACH AT DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA, by Dick and Yvonne Punnett, reviewed by John P. Ingle, Jr.; FLORIDA LIGHTHOUSES, by Kevin M. McCarthy, GREAT AMERICAN LIGHTHOUSES, by F. Ross Holland, Jr., reviewed by Leland M. Hawes, Jr.; THE JUAN PARDO EXPEDITIONS: EXPLORATION OF THE CAROLINAS AND TENNESSEE, 1566-1568, by Charles Hudson, reviewed by Vernon James Knight, Jr.; A NEW FACE ON THE COUNTRYSIDE: INDIANS, COLONISTS, AND SLAVES IN SOUTH ATLANTIC FORESTS, 1500-1800, by Timothy Silver, reviewed by John S. Otto; THE INDIANS NEW WORLD: CATAWBAS AND THEIR NEIGHBORS FROM EUROPEAN CONTACT THROUGH THE ERA OF REMOVAL, by James H. Merrell, reviewed by James H. O’Donnell III; CREEK INDIAN HISTORY: A HISTORICAL NARRATIVE OF THE GENEALOGY, TRADITIONS AND DOWNFALL OF THE ISPOCOGA OR CREEK INDIAN TRIBE OF INDIANS, by George Stiggins, reviewed by John K. Mahon; SLAVE LAW IN THE AMERICAS, by Alan Watson, reviewed by Herbert Aptheker; THE FORMATION OF A PLANTER ELITE: JONATHAN BRYAN AND THE SOUTHERN COLONIAL FRONTIER, by Alan Gallay, reviewed by Kenneth Coleman; A REBEL CAME HOME: THE DIARY AND LETTERS OF FLORIDE CLEMSON, 1863-66, edited by Ernest Lander and Charles McGee, reviewed by James E. Kibler, Jr.; CIVIL WAR SOLDIERS, by Reid Mitchell, reviewed by William Nulty; BLOODY ROADS SOUTH: THE WILDERNESS TO COLD HARBOR, MAY-JUNE, 1864, by Noah Andre Trudeau, reviewed by James L. McDonough; CIVIL WARS: WOMEN AND THE CRISIS OF SOUTHERN NATIONALISM, by George C. Rable, reviewed by D’Ann Campbell; THE DISAPPEARING SOUTH? STUDIES IN REGIONAL CHANGE AND CONTINUITY, edited by Robert P. Steed, Laurence W. Moreland, and Tod A. Baker, reviewed by Robert H. Zieger; BLACK, WHITE, AND SOUTHERN: RACE RELATIONS AND SOUTHERN CULTURE, 1940 TO THE PRESENT, by David R. Goldfield, reviewed by Stephen J. Whitfield; CARNIVAL, AMERICAN STYLE: MARDI GRAS AT NEW ORLEANS AND MOBILE, by Samuel Kinser, reviewed by Robert E. Snyder