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Book Reviews


FLORIDA Cow HUNTER: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF BONE MIZELL, by Jim Bob Tinsley, reviewed by Kyle S. VanLandingham; COLUMBIAN CONSEQUENCES, VOLUME 2: ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES ON THE SPANISH BORDERLANDS EAST, edited by David Hurst Thomas, reviewed by Paul E. Hoffman; INDIAN-RELIGIOUS RELATIONS IN COLONIAL SPANISH AMERICA, edited by Susan E. Ramirez, reviewed by Rebecca Saunders; LETTERS OF DELEGATES TO CONGRESS, 1774-1789, VOLUME 16: SEPTEMBER 1, 1780-FEBRUARY 28, 1781, edited by Paul H. Smith, reviewed by Robert M. Calhoon; FRONTIERS IN CONFLICT: THE OLD SOUTHWEST, 1795-1830, by Thomas D. Clark and John D. W. Guice, reviewed by Gilbert C. Din; THE WAR OF 1812: A FORGOTTEN CONFLICT, by Donald R. Hickey, reviewed by Frank L. Owsley, Jr.; THE PAPERS OF JOHN C. CALHOUN: VOLUME XIX, 1844, edited by Clyde N. Wilson, reviewed by Herbert J. Doherty; THE ROAD TO DISUNION: SECESSIONISTS AT BAY, 1776-1854, by William W. Freehling, reviewed by John Niven; ABANDONED BY LINCOLN: A MILITARY BIOGRAPHY OF GENERAL JOHN POPE, by Wallace J. Schutz and Walter N. Trenerry, reviewed by James I. Robertson, Jr.; JOHN BROWN GORDON: SOLDIER, SOUTHERNER, AMERICAN, by Ralph Lowell Eckart, reviewed by Michael G. Schene; STEAMBOATS AND THE COTTON ECONOMY: RIVER TRADE IN THE YAZOO-MISSISSIPPI DELTA, by Harry P. Owens, TRAVELS ON THE LOWER MISSISSIPPI, 1879-1880: A MEMOIR BY ERNST VON HESSE-WARTECG, edited and translated by Frederic Trautmann, reviewed by Lynn Willoughby; ULRICH BONNELL PHILLIPS: A SOUTHERN HISTORIAN AND HIS CRITICS, edited by John David Smith and John C. Inscoe, reviewed by William A. Link; CHARLESTON! CHARLESTON!: THE HISTORY OF A SOUTHERN CITY, by Walter J. Fraser, Jr., reviewed by Charles Joyner; INITIATIVE, PATERNALISM, AND RACE RELATIONS: CHARLESTON'S AVERY NORMAL INSTITUTE, by Edmund L. Drago, reviewed by Maxine D. Jones; TALLADEGA COLLEGE: THE FIRST CENTURY, by Maxine D. Jones and Joe M. Richardson, reviewed by Charles Vincent; SUBDUING SATAN: RELIGION, RECREATION, AND MANHOOD IN THE RURAL SOUTH, 1865-1920, by Ted Ownby, reviewed by David T. Morgan; LIVING ATLANTA: AN ORAL HISTORY OF THE CITY, 1914-1948, by Clifford M. Kuhn, Harlan E. Joyce, and E. Bernard West, reviewed by James B. Crooks; FRANK PORTER GRAHAM AND THE 1950 SENATE RACE IN NORTH CAROLINA, by Julian M. Pleasants and Augustus M. Burns III, reviewed by Jeffrey J. Crow; BANKERS, BUILDERS, KNAVES AND THIEVES: THE $300 MILLION SCAM AT ESM, by Donald L. Maggin, reviewed by Joseph F. Wall; WOMEN IN THE SOUTH: AN ANTHROPOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE, edited by Holly F. Mathews, reviewed by Susan Greenbaum