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Book Reviews


A History of Music & Dance in Florida, 1565-1865, by Wiley L. Housewright, reviewed by Patricia C. Griffin; Perilous Journeys: A History of Steamboating on the Chattahoochee, Apalachicola, and Flint Rivers, 1828-1928, by Edward A. Mueller, reviewed by Lynn Willoughby; Zora in Florida, edited by Steve Glassman and Kathryn Lee Seidel, reviewed by Charlotte D. Hunt; Mullet on the Beach: The Minorcans of Florida, 1768-1788, by Patricia C. Griffin, reviewed by Charles W. Arcade; Florida Archeology: San Pedro y San Pablo de Patale: A Seventeenth-Century Spanish Mission in Leon County, Florida, by B. Calvin Jones, John Hann, and John F. Scarry, reviewed by Rochelle A. Marrinan; Washington: Florida’s Twelfth County, by E. W. Carswell, reviewed by Brian R. Rucker; Past the Edge of Poverty: A Biography of Robert Hayes Gore, Sr., by Paul A. Gore, reviewed by Paul S. George; Carolina Cavalier: The Life and Mind of James Johnston Pettigrew, by Clyde N. Wilson, reviewed by James Kibler; Divided We Fall: Essays on Confederate Nation Building, edited by John M. Belohlavek and Lewis N. Wynne, reviewed by James M. Denham; Lincoln, the South, and Slavery: The Political Dimension, by Robert W. Johannsen, reviewed by Monroe Billington; Struggle for the Shenandoah: Essays on the 1864 Valley Campaign, edited by Gary W. Gallagher, reviewed by Zack C. Waters; Lee Considered: General Robert E. Lee and Civil War History, by Alan T. Nolan, reviewed by David J. Coles; Chronicles of Faith: The Autobiography of Frederick D. Patterson, edited by Martia Graham Goodson, reviewed by Evans C. Johnson; From Cotton Belt to Sunbelt: Federal Policy, Economic Development, and the Transformation of the South, 1938-1980, by Bruce J. Schulman, reviewed by Edward F. Keuchel; The Civil Rights Era: Origins and Development of National Policy, 1960-1972, by Hugh Davis Graham, reviewed by Robert J. Norrell; Race, Civil Rights and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Judicial Circuit, by John M. Spivack, reviewed by Numan Bartley; The South for New Southerners, edited by Paul D. Escott and David R. Goldfield, reviewed by Edward F. Haus; The Future South: A Historical Perspective for the Twenty-first Century, edited by Joe P. Dunn and Howard L. Preston, reviewed by Billy B. Hathorn; Political Parties in the Southern States: Party Activists in Partisan Coalitions, edited by Tod A. Baker, Charles D. Hadley, Robert P. Steed, and Laurence W. Moreland, reviewed by Joan S. Carver; Opening Doors: Perspectives on Race Relations in Contemporary America, edited by Harry J. Knopke, Robert J. Norrell, and Ronald W. Rogers, reviewed by Glen Jeansonne; Richard B. Russell, Jr., Senator from Georgia, by Gilbert C. Fite, reviewed by Julian Pleasants; American Indians and World War II: Toward a New Era in Indian Affairs, by Alison R. Bernstein, reviewed by Kenneth R. Philip