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Book Reviews


THE FLORIDA READER: VISIONS OF PARADISE FROM 1530 TO THE PRESENT, edited by Maurice O’Sullivan, Jr., and Jack C. Lane, reviewed by Marjory Bartlett Sanger; PLANT'S PALACE: HENRY PLANT AND THE TAMPA BAY HOTEL, by James W. Covington and Tommy L. Thompson, reviewed by Thomas Graham; SPEAKING OF FLORIDA, by William Pohl and John Ames, reviewed by Stuart McIver; A COLLEGE TELLS ITS STORY: AN ORAL HISTORY OF FLORIDA COMMUNITY COLLEGE AT JACKSONVILLE, 1963-1991, by Robert B. Gentry, reviewed by George Hallam; CONCHTOWN USA: BAHAMIAN FISHERFOLK IN RIVIERA BEACH, FLORIDA, by Charles C. Foster, reviewed by Thelma Peters; GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS IN FLORIDA, edited by Robert J. Huckshorn, reviewed by Robert E. Crew; FLORIDA'S PAST: PEOPLE AND EVENTS THAT SHAPED THE STATE, VOLUME III, by Gene Burnett, reviewed by E. W. Carswell; IN SEARCH OF COLUMBUS: THE SOURCES FOR THE FIRST VOYAGE, by David Henige, reviewed by William F. Keegan; THE AMERICAN SOUTH: A HISTORY, by William J. Cooper, Jr., and Thomas E. Terrill, reviewed by Jon L. Wakelyn; RISE AND FALL OF THE PLANTATION COMPLEX: ESSAYS IN ATLANTIC HISTORY, by Philip D. Curtin, reviewed by Douglas R. Egerton; SLAVERY ATTACKED: SOUTHERN SLAVES AND THEIR ALLIES, 1619-1865, by Merton L. Dillon, reviewed by Larry E. Rivers; ON THE ALTAR OF FREEDOM: A BLACK SOLDIER'S CIVIL WAR LETTERS FROM THE FRONT, CORPORAL JAMES HENRY GOODING, edited by Virginia Matzke Adams, reviewed by William Nulty; CONFEDERATE GOLIATH: THE BATTLE OF FORT FISHER, by Rod Gragg, reviewed by Walker Blanton; WILLIAM HENRY SEWARD: LINCOLN'S RIGHT HAND, by John M. Taylor, reviewed by John M. Belohlavek; IN JOY AND IN SORROW: WOMEN, FAMILY, AND MARRIAGE IN THE VICTORIAN SOUTH, 1830-1900, edited by Carol Bleser, reviewed by Shirley Leckie; UNTIL JUSTICE ROLLS DOWN: THE BIRMINGHAM CHURCH BOMBING CASE, by Frank Sikora, reviewed by Tom Wagy; THE PATRIARCH: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE BINGHAM DYNASTY, by Susan E. Tifft and Alex S. Jones, reviewed by Joseph Frazier Wall; GUNNAR MYRDAL AND AMERICA'S CONSCIENCE: SOCIAL ENGINEERING AND RURAL LIBERALISM, 1938-1987, by Walter A. Jackson, reviewed by Steven F. Lawson; WEAKNESS IS A CRIME: THE LIFE OF BERNARR MACFADDEN, by Robert Ernst, reviewed by Merlin G. Cox; ATLAS OF AMERICAN INDIAN AFFAIRS, by Francis Paul Prucha, reviewed by R. David Edmunds