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Book Reviews


AMERICA’S ANCIENT CITY, SPANISH ST. AUGUSTINE, 1565-1763, edited with an introduction by Kathleen A. Deagan, reviewed by Susan R. Parker; JACKSONVILLE: RIVERPORT-SEAPORT, by George E. Buker, reviewed by James B. Crooks; SEMINOLE ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND HISTORICAL SURVEY, PHASE I: NORTHERN BIG CYPRESS, by Robert Carr and Patsy West, reviewed by John W. Griffin; SHIPWRECK AND ADVENTURES OF MONSIEUR PIERRE VIAUD, translated and edited by Robin F. A. Fabel, reviewed by Light Townsend Cummins; INSEPARABLE LOYALTY: A BIOGRAPHY OF WILLIAM BULL, by Geraldine M. Meroney, reviewed by Phinizy Spalding; THE PAPERS OF HENRY LAURENS, VOLUME ELEVEN: JANUARY 5, 1776-NOVEMBER 1, 1777, edited by David R. Chesnutt and C. James Taylor, THE PAPERS OF HENRY LAURENS, VOLUME TWELVE: NOVEMBER 1, 1777-MARCH 15, 1778, edited by David R. Chesnutt and C. James Taylor, reviewed by Daniel L. Schafer; LETTERS OF DELEGATES TO CONGRESS, 1774-1789, VOLUME 18: SEPTEMBER 1, 1781- JULY 31, 1782, edited by Paul H. Smith, Gerald W. Gawalt, and Ronald M. Gephart, reviewed by Robert M. Calhoun; GEORGIA LAND SURVEYING: HISTORY AND LAW, by Farris W. Cadle, reviewed by Darrett B. Rutman; CELIA: A SLAVE, by Melton A. McLaurin, reviewed by Jane W. Squires; WHEN I CAN READ MY TITLE CLEAR: LITERACY, SLAVERY, AND RELIGION IN THE ANTEBELLUM SOUTH, by Janey Duitsman Cornelius, reviewed by Joe M. Richardson; THE LAST CITADEL: PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA, JUNE 1864-APRIL 1865, by Noah Andre Trudeau, reviewed by James I. Robertson, Jr.; BURNSIDE, by William Marvel, reviewed by Craig L. Symonds; BRAXTON BRAGG AND CONFEDERATE DEFEAT , VOLUME 1, by Grady McWhiney, BRAXTON BRAGG AND CONFEDERATE DEFEAT, VOLUME 2, by Judith Lee Hallock, reviewed by Michael C. C. Adams; CAHABA PRISON AND THE SULTANA DISASTER, by William O. Bryant, reviewed by Arch Fredric Blakey; THE PAPERS OF ANDREW JOHNSON, VOLUME 9, SEPTEMBER 1865-JANUARY 1866, edited by Paul H. Bergeron, reviewed by Richard N. Current; THE FACTS OF RECONSTRUCTION : ESSAYS IN HONOR OF JOHN HOPE FRANKLIN, edited by Eric Anderson and Alfred A. Moss, Jr., reviewed by Jerrell H. Shofner; VICTORIAN AMERICA: TRANSFORMATIONS IN EVERYDAY LIFE, 1876-1915, by Thomas J. Schlereth, reviewed by David W. Curl; A NEW DEAL FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, by Roger Biles, reviewed by Bennett H. Wall; ORGANIZED LABOR IN THE TWENTIETH-CENTURY SOUTH, edited by Robert H. Zieger, reviewed by E. H. Beardsley; WHAT MADE THE SOUTH DIFFERENT?, edited by Kees Gispen, reviewed by Leonard Dinnerstein; ESSAYS ON SUNBELT CITIES AND RECENT URBAN AMERICA, edited by Robert B. Fairbanks and Kathleen Underwood, reviewed by Jeffrey S. Adler; THE ISLANDS AND THE SEA: FIVE CENTURIES OF NATURE WRITING FROM THE CARIBBEAN, edited by John A. Murray, reviewed by Robert Blount