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Book Reviews


EXCAVATIONS ON THE FRANCISCAN FRONTIER: ARCHAEOLOGY AT THE FIG SPRINGS MISSION, by Brent Richards Weisman, reviewed by Rochelle A. Marrinan; THE FRENCH THORN: RIVAL EXPLORERS IN THE SPANISH SEA, 1682-1762, by Robert S. Weddle, reviewed by Light Townsend Cummins; LACHLAN MCGILLIVRAY, INDIAN TRADER: THE SHAPING OF THE SOUTHERN COLONIAL FRONTIER, by Edward J. Cashin, reviewed by Robin F. A. Fabel; THE PAPERS OF JOHN C. CALHOUN, VOLUME XX: OCTOBER -DECEMBER 1844, edited by Clyde N. Wilson, reviewed by Herbert J. Doherty; A FAMILY VENTURE: MEN AND WOMEN ON THE SOUTHERN FRONTIER, by Joan E. Cashin, reviewed by Janet Allured; ATLANTIC PORT CITIES: ECONOMY, CULTURE, AND SOCIETY IN THE ATLANTIC WORLD, 1650-1850, edited by Franklin W. Knight and Peggy K. Liss, reviewed by James G. Cusick; MOTHER, MAY YOU NEVER SEE THE SIGHTS I HAVE SEEN: THE FIFTY-SEVENTH MASSACHUSETTS VETERAN VOLUNTEERS IN THE LAST YEAR OF THE CIVIL WAR, by Warren Wilkinson, reviewed by David J. Coles; NATURAL ALLIES: WOMEN'S ASSOCIATIONS IN AMERICAN HISTORY, by Anne Firor Scott, reviewed by Joan S. Carver; BLACK EXODUS : THE GREAT MIGRATION FROM THE AMERICAN SOUTH, edited by Alfredteen Harrison, reviewed by Larry E. Rivers; YELLOW FEVER & PUBLIC HEALTH IN THE NEW SOUTH, by John H. Ellis, reviewed by Kenneth F. Kiple; THE KINGFISH AND HIS REALM: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF HUEY P. LONG, by William Ivy Hair, reviewed by Matthew J. Schott; REFORM AND REVOLUTION: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF RAYMOND ROBINS, by Neil V. Salzman, reviewed by Jerrell H. Shofner; FRANK LAWRENCE OWSLEY: HISTORIAN OF THE OLD SOUTH, by Harriet Chappell Owsley, reviewed by Billy Hathorn; THE POLITICS OF CHANGE IN GEORGIA: A POLITICAL BIOGRAPHY OF ELLIS ARNALL, by Harold Paulk Henderson, reviewed by Robert C. McMath, Jr.; SOUTHERN DAUGHTER: THE LIFE OF MARGARET MITCHELL, by Darden Asbury Pyron, reviewed by Bertram Wyatt-Brown; THE ADAPTABLE SOUTH: ESSAYS IN HONOR OF GEORCE BROWN TINDALL, edited by Elizabeth Jacoway, Dan T. Carter, Lester C. Lamon, and Robert C. McMath, Jr., reviewed by Dewey W. Grantham; RACE, CLASS, AND POLITICS IN SOUTHERN HISTORY: ESSAYS IN HONOR OF ROBERT F. DURDEN, edited by Jeffrey J. Crow. Paul D. Escott, and Charles L. Flynn, Jr., reviewed by Chester M. Morgan; THE 1988 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IN THE SOUTH: CONTINUITY AMIDST CHANGE IN SOUTHERN PARTY POLITICS, by Laurence W. Moreland, Robert P. Steed, and Tod A. Baker, reviewed by Richard K. Scher; REMAKING AMERICA : PUBLIC MEMORY, COMMEMORATION, AND PATRIOTISM IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, by John Bodnar, THE AMERICAN AMUSEMENT PARK INDUSTRY: A HISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY AND THRILLS, by Judith A. Adams, reviewed by Robert E. Snyder; CHEROKEE AMERICANS: THE EASTERN BAND OF CHEROKEES IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, by John R. Finger, reviewed by David K. Eliades