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Book Reviews


SPANISH PATHWAYS IN FLORIDA: 1492-1992, edited by Ann L. Henderson and Gary R. Mormino, reviewed by Luis Rafael Arana; HEAVY ARTILLERY AND LIGHT INFANTRY: A HISTORY OF THE 1ST FLORIDA SPECIAL BATTALION & 10TH INFANTRY, C.S.A., by Don Hillhouse, reviewed by William Nulty; JACKSONVILLE AFTER THE FIRE, 1901-1919: A NEW SOUTH CITY, by James B. Crooks, reviewed by Raymond Arsenault; IDELLA: MARJORIE RAWLINGS’ “PERFECT MAID,” by Idella Parker with Mary Keating, reviewed by Jim Haskins; SPANISH OBSERVERS AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, 1775-1783, by Light Townsend Cummins, reviewed by Sherry Johnson; SACRED REVOLT: THE MUSKOGEE STRUGGLE FOR A NEW WORLD, by Joel W. Martin, reviewed by Harry A. Kersey, Jr.; LADIES, WOMEN, & WENCHES: CHOICE & CONSTRAINT IN ANTEBELLUM CHARLESTON & BOSTON, by Jane H. Pease and William H. Pease, reviewed by Janet Allured; AMBIGUOUS LIVES: FREE WOMEN OF COLOR IN RURAL GEORGIA, 1789-1879, by Adele Logan Alexander, reviewed by Maxine D. Jones; THE FIRE-EATERS, by Eric H. Walther, reviewed by Christopher Morris; THE CONFEDERATE CONSTITUTION OF 1861: AN INQUIRY INTO AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONALISM, by Marshall L. DeRosa, reviewed by Timothy S. Huebner; THE FIRST DAY AT GETTYSBURG: ESSAYS ON UNION AND CONFEDERATE LEADERSHIP, edited by by Gary W. Gallagher, reviewed by Richard M. McMurry; THE CONFEDERACY'S FIGHTING CHAPLAIN: FATHER JOHN B. BANNON, by Phillip Thomas Tucker, reviewed by John T. Foster, Jr.; LET US HAVE PEACE: ULYSSES S. GRANT AND THE POLITICS OF WAR AND RECONSTRUCTION, 1861-1868, by Brooks D. Simpson, reviewed by William. Warren Rogers, Jr.; THE SULTANA TRAGEDY: AMERICA'S GREATEST MARITIME DISASTER, by Jerry O. Potter, reviewed by Lynn Willoughby; GLORIOUS CONTENTMENT: THE GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC, 1865-1900, by Stuart McConnell, reviewed by Vincent P. DeSantis; MORMONS & COWBOYS, MOONSHINERS & KLANSMEN: FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT IN THE SOUTH & WEST, 1870-1893, by Stephen Cresswell, reviewed by Carl Ryant; LOOKING FOR THE LIGHT: THE HIDDEN LIFE AND ART OF MARION POST WOLCOTT, by Paul Hendrickson, reviewed by Robert E. Snyder; THE CLOSING DOOR: CONSERVATIVE POLICY AND BLACK OPPORTUNITY, by Gary Orfield and Carole Ashkinaze, reviewed by Linda O. McMurry; INDIANS OF THE SOUTHEASTERN UNITED STATES IN THE LATE 20TH CENTURY, edited by J. Anthony Paredes, reviewed by Michael D. Green; SENDING MY HEART BACK ACROSS THE YEARS: TRADITION AND INNOVATION IN NATIVE AMERICAN AUTOBIOGRAPHY, by Hertha Dawn Wong, reviewed by Floyd A. O’Neil