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Book Reviews


FLORIDA IN THE XVITH CENTURY, DISCOVERY AND CONQUEST, by María Antonia Sáinz, reviewed by Paul E. Hoffman; PIRATES AND PRIVATEERS OF THE CARIBBEAN, by Jenifer Marx, reviewed by Light Townsend Cummins; THE BUSINESS OF MAY NEXT: JAMES MADISON AND THE FOUNDING, by William Lee Miller, reviewed by Aubrey C. Land; LETTERS OF DELEGATES TO CONGRESS, 1774-1789: VOLUME 19, AUGUST 1, 1782-MARCH 11, 1783, edited by Paul H. Smith, Gerald W. Gawalt, and Ronald M. Gephart, reviewed by Robert M. Calhoon; AFRICANS IN COLONIAL LOUISIANA: THE DEVELOPMENT OF AFRO-CREOLE CULTURE IN THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY, by Gwendolyn Midlo Hall, reviewed by Gilbert C. Din; THE PAPERS OF ANDREW JACKSON, VOLUME III, 1814-1815, edited by Harold D. Moser, David R. Hoth, Sharon Macpherson, John H. Reinbold, reviewed by Herbert J. Doherty; SECESSION DEBATED: GEORGIA'S SHOWDOWN IN 1860, edited by William W. Freehling and Craig M. Simpson, reviewed by George B. Crawford; RICHARD TAYLOR, SOLDIER PRINCE OF DIXIE, by T. Michael Parrish, reviewed by Canter Brown, Jr.; JEFFERSON DAVIS AND HIS GENERALS : THE FAILURE OF CONFEDERATE COMMAND IN THE WEST, by Steven E. Woodworth, reviewed by Ben Procter; THE PAPERS OF JEFFERSON DAVIS, VOLUME 7: 1861, edited by Lynda Lasswell Crist and Mary Seaton Dix, reviewed by Bertram Wyatt-Brown; SHERMAN: MERCHANT OF TERROR, ADVOCATE OF PEACE, by Charles Edmund Vetter, reviewed by Jane F. Lancaster; LORD OF ATTENTION: GERALD STANLEY LEE AND THE CROWD METAPHOR IN INDUSTRIALIZING AMERICA, by Gregory W. Bush, reviewed by Edward F. Keuchel; BORN IN THE DELTA : REFLECTIONS ON THE MAKING OF A SOUTHERN WHITE SENSIBILITY, by Margaret Jones Bolsterli, reviewed by William Warren Rogers; NEW BLACK VOICES : THE GROWTH AND CONTRIBUTIONS OF SALLYE MATHIS AND MARY SINGLETON IN FLORIDA GOVERNMENT, by Barbara Hunter Walch, reviewed by Joan S. Carver; W. J. CASH AND THE MINDS OF THE SOUTH, edited by Paul D. Escott, reviewed by James J. Horgan; BIG TOP BOSS: JOHN RINGLING NORTH AND THE CIRCUS, by David Lewis Hammarstrom, reviewed by Tracy Jean Revels; A PROPHET WITH HONOR: THE BILLY GRAHAM STORY, by William Martin, reviewed by Samuel S. Hill; THE EMERGENCE OF DAVID DUKE AND THE POLITICS OF RACE, edited by Douglas D. Rose, reviewed by Robert P. Ingalls