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Book Reviews


FLORIDA: A SHORT HISTORY, by Michael Gannon, reviewed by Paul S. George; ATLAS OF FLORIDA, edited by Edward A. Fernald and Elizabeth Purdum, reviewed by John R. Dunkle; HERNANDO DE SOTO AND THE INDIANS OF FLORIDA, by Jerald T. Milanich and Charles Hudson, reviewed by Ignacio Avellaneda; MISSIONS TO THE CALUSA, edited and translated by John H. Hann, reviewed by Robert A. Matter; CULTURE AND ENVIRONMENT IN THE DOMAIN OF THE CALUSA, edited by William H. Marquardt, reviewed by Brent R. Weisman; COLUMBUS WAS LAST: FROM 200,000 B.C. TO 1492, A HERETICAL HISTORY OF WHO WAS FIRST, by Patrick Huyghe, reviewed by Charles W. Arnade; INDIANS, SETTLERS, AND SLAVES IN A FRONTIER EXCHANGE: THE LOWER MISSISSIPPI VALLEY BEFORE 1783, by Daniel H. Usner, Jr., reviewed by Gary B. Mills; To FOSTER THE SPIRIT OF PROFESSIONALISM: SOUTHERN SCIENTISTS AND STATE ACADEMIES OF SCIENCE, by Nancy Smith Midgette, reviewed by Frederick Gregory; THE NEWS FROM BROWNSVILLE: HELEN CHAPMAN’S LETTERS FROM THE TEXAS MILITARY FRONTIER, 1848-1852, edited by Caleb Coker, reviewed by David T. Courtwright; WILLIAM HOWARD RUSSELL’S CIVIL WAR: PRIVATE DIARY AND LETTERS, 1861- 1862, edited by Martin Crawford, reviewed by George F. Pearce; BLUE-EYED CHILD OF FORTUNE: THE CIVIL WAR LETTERS OF COLONEL ROBERT GOULD SHAW, edited by Russell Duncan, reviewed by Jon L. Wakelyn; STONEWALL: A BIOGRAPHY OF GENERAL THOMAS J. JACKSON, by Byron Farwell, reviewed by Michael C. C. Adams; CONFEDERATE MOBILE, by Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr., reviewed by Brian R. Rucker; AN AFRICAN -A MERICAN EXODUS: THE SEGREGATION OF SOUTHERN CHURCHES, by Katherine L. Dvorak, reviewed by Irvin D. Solomon; MEADOWS OF MEMORY: IMAGES OF TIME AND TRADITION IN AMERICAN ART AND CULTURE, by Michael Kammen, reviewed by Ann L. Henderson; AMERICAN INDIAN WATER RIGHTS AND THE LIMITS OF LAW, by Lloyd Burton, reviewed by Harry A. Kersey, Jr.; GENDER, CLASS, RACE, AND REFORM IN THE PROGRESSIVE ERA, edited by Noralee Frankel and Nancy S. Dye, reviewed by Carolyn Johnston; PRETTY BUBBLES IN THE AIR: AMERICA IN 1919, by William D. Miller, reviewed by Bennett H. Wall; ANXIOUS DECADES: AMERICA IN PROSPERITY AND DEPRESSION, 1920-1941, by Michael E. Parrish, reviewed by William D. Miller; SIMPLE DECENCY & COMMON SENSE: THE SOUTHERN CONFERENCE MOVEMENT, 1938-1963, by Linda Reed, reviewed by William F. Holmes; LANDSCAPES OF POWER: FROM DETROIT TO DISNEY WORLD by Sharon Zukin, reviewed by Raymond A. Mohl