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Book Reviews


THE SPANISH FRONTIER IN NORTH AMERICA, by David J. Weber, reviewed by Jerald T. Milanich; THE PEOPLE WHO DISCOVERED COLUMBUS : THE PREHISTORY OF THE BAHAMAS, by William F. Keegan, reviewed by John F. Scarry; FRANCISCO BOULIGNY: A BOURBON SOLDIER IN SPANISH LOUISIANA, by Gilbert C. Din, reviewed by William S. Coker; CALUMET & FLEUR-DE-LYS: ARCHAEOLOGY OF INDIAN AND FRENCH CONTACT IN THE MIDCONTINENT, edited by John A. Walthall and Thomas E. Emerson, reviewed by Bennie C. Keel; THE DEVELOPMENT OF SOUTHEASTERN ARCHAEOLOGY, edited by Jay K. Johnson, reviewed by Judith A. Bense; THE PAPERS OF HENRY CLAY: SUPPLEMENT, 1793-1852, edited by Melba Porter Hay, reviewed by John M. Belohlavek; THIS HAPPY LAND: THE JEWS OF COLONIAL AND ANTEBELLUM CHARLESTON, by James William Hagy, reviewed by Mark I. Greenberg; THIS TERRIBLE SOUND: THE BATTLE OF CHICKAMAUGA, by Peter Cozzens, reviewed by Michael B. Ballard; THE PAPERS OF ANDREW JOHNSON, VOLUME 10, FEBRUARY-JULY 1866, edited by Paul H. Bergeron, reviewed by Richard N. Current; THE PROMISE OF THE NEW SOUTH: LIFE AFTER RECONSTRUCTION, by Edward L. Ayers, reviewed by Glenda E. Gilmore; THE PARADOX OF SOUTHERN PROGRESSIVISM: 1880-1930, by William A. Link, reviewed by Marcia G. Synnott; THE SOCIAL GOSPEL IN BLACK AND WHITE: AMERICAN RACIAL REFORM, 1885-1912, by Ralph E. Luker, reviewed by James R. Goff, Jr.; THE MIND OF THE SOUTH: FIFTY YEARS LATER, edited by Charles W. Eagles, reviewed by Canter Brown, Jr.; THE MOST SOUTHERN PLACE ON EARTH: THE MISSISSIPPI DELTA AND THE ROOTS OF REGIONAL IDENTITY, by James C. Cobb, reviewed by Stephen J. Whitfield; ANTI-RACISM IN U.S. HISTORY: THE FIRST TWO HUNDRED YEARS, by Herbert Aptheker, reviewed by Augustus M. Burns, III; SEXUAL POWER: FEMINISM AND THE FAMILY IN AMERICA, by Carolyn Johnston, reviewed by Mary Martha Thomas; THE NEW DEAL & AMERICAN YOUTH: IDEAS & IDEALS IN A DEPRESSION DECADE, by Richard A. Reiman, reviewed by Robert E. Snyder; LIKE A HOLY CRUSADE: MISSISSIPPI 1964— THE TURNING OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT IN AMERICA, by Nicolaus Mills, reviewed by Stephen G. Meyer; STORM THURMOND AND THE POLITICS OF SOUTHERN CHANGE, by Nadine Cohodas, reviewed by Billy Hathorn; CRIMES, FOLLIES, AND MISFORTUNES: THE FEDERAL IMPEACHMENT TRIALS, by Eleanore Bushnell, reviewed by Melvin I. Urofsky