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Book Reviews


BERRY BENSON'S CIVIL WAR BOOK: MEMOIRS OF A CONFEDERATE SCOUT AND SHARPSHOOTER, edited by Susan Williams Benson, SOLDIERING IN THE ARMY OF TENNESSEE: A PORTRAIT OF LIFE IN A CONFEDERATE ARMY, by Larry J. Daniel, reviewed by Stephen D. Engle; THIS WAR SO HORRIBLE : THE CIVIL WAR DIARY OF HIRAM SMITH WILLIAMS, edited by Lewis N. Wynne and Robert Taylor, reviewed by Stephen D. Engle; ISABEL THE QUEEN: LIFE AND TIMES, by Peggy Liss, reviewed by Eugene Lyon; PONCE DE LEÓ N AND THE DISCOVERY OF FLORIDA: THE MAN, THE MYTH, AND THE TRUTH, by Douglas T. Peck, reviewed by Jerald T. Milanich; GENERAL JAMES GRANT: SCOTTISH SOLDIER AND ROYAL GOVERNOR OF EAST FLORIDA, by Paul David Nelson, reviewed by Robin F. A. Fabel; DEERSKINS & DUFFELS: THE CREEK INDIAN TRADE WITH ANGLO-AMERICA, 1685-1815, by Kathryn E. Holland Braund, reviewed by John R. Finger; THE SEMINOLES OF FLORIDA, by James W. Covington, reviewed by John K. Mahon; POLITICAL PARTIES AND AMERICAN POLITICAL DEVELOPMENT FROM THE AGE OF JACKSON TO THE AGE OF LINCOLN, by Michael F. Holt, reviewed by Christopher Olsen; DOMESTIC NOVELITS IN THE OLD SOUTH: DEFENDERS OF SOUTHERN CULTURE, by Elizabeth Moss, reviewed Shirley A. Leckie; SOUTHERN WOMEN: HISTORIES AND IDENTITIES, edited by Virginia Bernhard, Betty Brandon, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, and Theda Perdue, reviewed by Randall M. Miller; FAIR TO MIDDLIN’: THE ANTEBELLUM COTTON TRADE OF THE APALACHICOLA/CHATTAHOOCHEE RIVER VALLEY, by Lynn Willoughby, reviewed by Harry P. Owens; IN THE HANDS OF PROVIDENCE: JOSHUA L. CHAMBERLAIN AND THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, by Alice Rains Trulock, reviewed by Robert A. Taylor; WHY THE SOUTH LOST, edited by Gabor S. Boritt, reviewed by Michael G. Schene; FREEDOM'S LAWMAKERS: A DIRECTORY OF BLACK OFFICEHOLDERS DURING RECONSTRUCTION, by Eric Foner, reviewed by Canter Brown, Jr.; WHISTLING DIXIE: A DICTIONARY OF SOUTHERN EXPRESSIONS, by Robert Hendrickson, reviewed by Jesse Earle Bowden; URBAN POLICY IN TWENTIETH-CENTURY AMERICA, edited by Arnold R. Hirsch and Raymond A. Mohl, M reviewed by Jeffrey S. Adler; MIAMI: ARCHITECTURE OF THE TROPICS, edited by Maurice Culot and Jean-Franqois Lejeune, reviewed by Donald W. Curl; FREE MEN IN THE AGE OF SERVITUDE: THREE GENERATIONS OF A BLACK FAMILY, by Lee H. Warner, reviewed by James M. Denham; CLIMBING JACOB'S LADDER: THE ENDURING LEGACY OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN FAMILIES, by Andrew Billingsley, reviewed by Lamy E. Rivers; CLAUDE KIRK AND THE POLITICS OF CONFRONTATION, by Edmund F. Kallina, Jr., reviewed by Augustus Burns, III