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Book Reviews


THE DE SOTO CHRONICLES: THE EXPEDITION OF HERNANDO DE SOTO TO NORTH AMERICA IN 1539-1543, 2 volumes, edited by Lawrence A. Clayton, Vernon James Knight, Jr., and Edward C. Moore, reviewed by Marvin T. Smith; LOOKING FOR DESOTO: A SEARCH THROUGH THE SOUTH FOR THE SPANIARD’s TRAIL, by Joyce Rockwood Hudson, reviewed by John F. Scarry; THE SPANISH MISSIONS OF LA FLORIDA, edited by Bonnie G. McEwan, reviewed by John L. Kessell; THE CREEK, by J. T. Glisson, reviewed by Kathryn Hall Proby; RINGLING: THE FLORIDA YEARS, 1911-1936, by David C. Weeks, reviewed by Janet Snyder Matthews; FARM SECUIUTY ADMINISTRATION PHOTOGRAPHS OF FLORIDA, by Michael Carlebach and Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr., reviewed by Robert E. Snyder; TOTCH: A LIFE IN THE EVERGLADES, by Loren G. “Totch” Brown, reviewed by David McCally; A SACRED TRUST: NELSON POYNTER AND THE ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, by Robert N. Pierce, reviewed by James C. Clark; SELLING THE DREAM: THE GULF AMERICAN CORPORATION AND THE BUILDING OF CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA, by David E. Dodrill, reviewed by Jerrell H. Shofner; THE GULF OF MEXICO: A TREASURY OF RESOURCES IN THE AMERICAN MEDITERRANEAN, by Robert H. Gore, reviewed by Karen J. Walker; THE FOUNDERS OF AMERICA: How INDIANS DISCOVERED THE LAND, PIONEERED IN IT, AND CREATED GREAT CLASSICAL CIVILIZATIONS; HOW THEY WERE PLUNGED INTO A DARK AGE BY INVASION AND CONQUEST; AND HOW THEY ARE NOW REVIVING, by Francis Jennings, reviewed by Patricia Galloway; A HISTORY OF FRENCH LOUISIANA, VOLUME TWO: YEARS OF TRANSITION, 1715-1717, by Marcel Giraud, translated by Brian Pearce, reviewed by Gilbert C. Din; AN ANXIOUS PURSUIT: AGRICULTURAL INNOVATION AND MODERNITY IN THE LOWER SOUTH, 1730-1815, by Joyce E. Chaplin, reviewed by Gilbert C. Fite; A GRAND ARMY OF BLACK MEN: LETTERS FROM AFRICAN-AMERICAN SOLDIERS IN THE UNION ARMY, 1861-1865, edited by Edwin S. Redkey, reviewed by Richard M. McMurry; SHERMAN: A SOLDIER’S PASSION FOR ORDER, by John F. Marszalek, reviewed by Phinizy Spalding; FINANCIAL FAILURE AND CONFEDERATE DEFEAT, by Douglas B. Ball, reviewed by Scott R. Nelson; THE ERA OF GOOD STEALINGS, by Mark Wahlgren Summers, reviewed by Raymond B. Vickers; WITNESS FOR FREEDOM: AFRICAN AMERICAN VOICES ON RACE, SLAVERY, AND EMANCIPATION, edited by C. Peter Ripley, reviewed by Kent Kaster II; UNDER THEIR OWN VINE AND FIG TREE: THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN CHURCH IN THE SOUTH, 1865-1900, by William E. Montgomery, reviewed by Gaines M. Foster; BOOKER T. WASHINGTON AND THE ADULT EDUCATION MOVEMENT, by Virginia Lantz Denton, reviewed by Elaine M. Smith; JAMES BRANCH CABELL AND RICHMOND-IN-VIRGINIA, by Edgar MacDonald, reviewed by Anne E. Rowe; THE MANAGEMENT OF COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES, by William J. Maher, reviewed by Stephen Kerber; VARSITY LETTERS: DOCUMENTING MODERN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES, by Helen Willa Samuels, reviewed by Stephen Kerber