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Book Reviews


THE FLORIDA NEGRO: A FEDERAL WRITERS’ PROJECT LEGACY, edited by Gary W. McDonogh, reviewed by Robert L. Hall; CITY ON THE EDGE: THE TRANSFORMATION OF MIAMI, by Alejandro Portes and Alex Stepick; THE EXILE: CUBA IN THE HEART OF MIAMI, by David Rieff, reviewed by Paul S. George; UNCOMMON GROUND: ARCHAEOLOGY AND EARLY AFRICAN AMERICA, 1650-1800, by Leland Ferguson, reviewed by Jane Landers; EARLY POTTERY IN THE SOUTHEAST: TRADITION AND INNOVATION IN COOKING TECHNOLOGY, by Kenneth E. Sassaman, reviewed by Ann S. Cordell; HISPANIC PRESENCE IN THE UNITED STATES: HISTORICAL BEGINNINGS, edited by Frank de Varona, reviewed by Light Townsend Cummins; THE ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE: EFFECTS ON ECONOMIES, SOCIETIES, AND PEOPLES IN AFRICA, THE AMERICAS, AND EUROPE, edited by Joseph E. Inikori and Stanley L. Engerman, reviewed by Jack P. Greene; THE GEORGIA GOLD RUSH: TWENTY-NINES, CHEROKEES, AND GOLD FEVER, by David Williams, reviewed by William Warren Rogers, Jr.; A NORTHERN WOMAN IN THE PLANTATION SOUTH: LETTERS OF TRYPHENA BLANCHE HOLDER FOX, 1856-1876, edited by Wilma King, reviewed by Stephanie Cole; FROM CAPE CHARLES TO CAPE FEAR: THE NORTH ATLANTIC BLOCKADING SQUADRON DURING THE CIVIL WAR, by Robert M. Browning, Jr., reviewed by David J. Coles; DECISION IN THE WEST: THE AMERICAN CAMPAIGN OF 1864, by Albert Castel, reviewed by Brooks D. Simpson; ENTITLED TO POWER: FARM WOMEN AND TECHNOLOGY, 1913-1963, by Katherine Jellison, reviewed by Mark Finlay; SINGING COWBOYS AND MUSICAL MOUNTAINEERS: SOUTHERN CULTURE AND THE ROOTS OF COUNTRY MUSIC, by Bill C. Malone, reviewed by Augustus Burns III; THE FEMALE TRADITION IN SOUTHERN LITERATURE, edited by Carol S. Manning, reviewed by Shirley A. Leckie; INVENTING THE FEEBLE MIND: A HISTORY OF MENTAL RETARDATION IN THE UNITED STATES, by James W. Trent, Jr., reviewed by Steven Noll; THE SCAR OF RACE, by Paul M. Sniderman and Thomas Piazza, reviewed by James Button; TALES OUT OF SCHOOL: JOSEPH FERNANDEZ’S CRUSADE TO RESCUE AMERICAN EDUCATION, by Joseph A. Fernandez, with John Underwood, reviewed by Raymond A. Mohl; AMERICAN INDIAN CHILDREN AT SCHOOL, 1850-1930, by Micheal C. Coleman, reviewed by Harry A. Kersey, Jr.; MAKING HASTE SLOWLY: THE TROUBLED HISTORY OF HIGHER EDUCATION IN MISSISSIPPI, by David G. Sansing; SOUTHERN CITIES, SOUTHERN SCHOOLS: PUBLIC EDUCATION IN THE URBAN SOUTH, edited by David N. Plank and Rick Ginsberg, reviewed by Arthur O. White