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Book Reviews


FLORIDA’S FIRST PEOPLE: 12,000 YEARS OF HUMAN HISTORY, by Robin C. Brown, reviewed by James G. Cusick; YBOR CITY CHRONICLES: A MEMOIR, by Ferdie Pacheco, reviewed by Leland Hawes; HARRIET BEECHER STOWE: A LIFE, by Joan D. Hedrick, reviewed by Sarah Whitmer Foster and John T. Foster, Jr.; CONTESTING CASTRO: THE UNITED STATES AND THE TRIUMPH OF THE CUBAN REVOLUTION, by Thomas G. Paterson, reviewed by Neill Macaulay; THE SOUTH AND THE NEW DEAL, by Roger Biles, reviewed by Michael V. Namorato; ALABAMA: THE HISTORY OF A DEEP SOUTH STATE, by William Warren Rogers, et al, reviewed by Lynn Willoughby; GATE OF HELL: CAMPAIGN FOR CHARLESTON HARBOR, 1863, by Stephen R. Wise, reviewed by Howard Jones; BEHIND THE MASK OF CHIVALRY THE MAKING OF THE SECOND Ku KLUX KLAN, by Nancy Maclean, reviewed by Jeffrey S. Adler; VISIBLE WOMEN: NEW ESSAYS ON AMERICAN ACTIVISM, edited by Nancy A. Hewitt and Suzanne Lebsock, reviewed by Louise M. Newman; ENTREPRENEUR FOR EQUALITY: GOVERNOR RUFUS BULLOCK, COMMERCE, AND RACE IN POST-CIVIL WAR GEORGIA, by Russell Duncan, reviewed by Elizabeth Studley Nathans; BOND OF IRON: MASTER AND SLAVE AT BUFFALO FORGE, by Charles E. Dew, reviewed by Bess Beatty; LOYALISTS AND COMMUNITY IN NORTH AMERICA, Edited by Robert M. Calhoon, Timothy M. Barnes, and George A. Rawlyk, reviewed by Robert R Rea; GOVERNOR HENRY ELLIS AND THE TRANSFORMATION OF BRITISH NORTH AMERICA, by Edward J. Cashin, reviewed by Robert R Rea; ISAAC HARBY OF CHARLESTON, 1788-1828: JEWISH REFORMER AND INTELLECTUAL, by Gary Phillip Zola, reviewed by Elliott Ashkenazi; LocAL PEOPLE: THE STRUGGLE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS IN MISSISSIPPI, by John Dittmer, reviewed by Jack E. Davis; THE SIXTIES: FROM MEMORY TO HISTORY, Edited by David Farber, reviewed by James A. Hijiya; GEORGIA IN BLACK AND WHITE: EXPLORATIONS IN THE RACE RELATIONS OF A SOUTHERN STATE, 1865-1950, Edited by John C. Inscoe, reviewed by Lewis N. Wynne