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Book Reviews


DADE’S LAST COMMAND, by Frank Laumer, reviewed by William M. Goza; BLOCKADERS, REFUGEES, & CONTRABANDS: CIVIL WAR ON FLORIDA’S GULF COAST, 1861-1865, by George E. Buker, reviewed by William Warren Rogers; REBEL STOREHOUSE: FLORIDA IN THE CONFEDERATE ECONOMY, by Robert A. Taylor, reviewed by Anthony Iacono; THE CONFEDERADOS: OLD SOUTH IMMIGRANTS IN BRAZIL, edited by Cyrus B. Dawsey and James M. Dawsey, reviewed by José B. Fernández; ESSAYS ON CUBAN HISTORY: HISTORIOGRAPHY AND RESEARCH, by Louis a Pérez, Jr., reviewed by Thomas M. Leonard; THE CHEROKEES AND CHRISTIANITY, 1794-1870, by William G. McLoughlin; edited by Walter H. Conser, Jr., reviewed by John K. Mahon; THE CONFEDERATE REPUBLIC: A REVOLUTION AGAINST POLITICS, by George C. Rable, reviewed by John M. Belohlavek; WAR IN KENTUCKY: FROM SHILOH TO PERRYVILLE, by James Lee McDonough, reviewed by James I. Robertson, Jr.; THE THIRD DAY AT GETIYSBURG & BEYOND, edited by Gary W. Gallagher, reviewed by James Lee McDonough; MEDICAL HISTORIES OF CONFEDERATE GENERALS, by Jack D. Welsh, M.D., reviewed by William M. Straight, M.D.; GULLAH STATESMAN: ROBERT SMALLS FROM SLAVERY TO CONGRESS, 1839-1915, by Edward A. Miller, Jr., reviewed by Joe M. Richardson; THE JOHN COUPER FAMILY AT CANNON’S POINT, by T. Reed Ferguson, reviewed by Hutch Johnson; IRON AND STEEL: CLASS, RACE, AND COMMUNITY IN BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, 1875-1920, by Henry M. McKiven, Jr., reviewed by James J. Horgan; THE CIO, 1935-1955, by Robert H. Zieger, reviewed by George Norris Green; ARMED WITH THE CONSTITUTION: JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES IN ALABAMA AND THE U.S. SUPREME COURT, 1939-1946, by Merlin Owen Newton, reviewed by John J. Guthrie, Jr.; SEX, RACE, AND SCIENCE: EUGENICS IN THE DEEP SOUTH, by Edward J. Larson, reviewed by Wayne Flynt; HIDDEN HISTORIES OF WOMEN IN THE NEW SOUTH, edited by Virginia Bernhard, et. al., reviewed by Patricia G. Dillon; DAUGHTERS OF CANAAN: A SAGA OF SOUTHERN WOMEN, by- Margaret Ripley Wolfe, reviewed by Shirley A. Leckie; THE SOUTH THROUGH TIME: A HISTORY OF AN AMERICAN REGION, by John B. Boles, reviewed by Suzanne Marshall; AMERICA IN EUROPEAN CONSCIOUSNESS, 1493-1750, edited by Karen Ordahl Kupperman, reviewed by Michael N. Corey