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Book Reviews


MIAMI BEACH: A HISTORY, by Howard Kleinberg, reviewed by Paul S. George; WILLIAM BARTRAM AND THE SOUTHEASTERN INDIANS, edited and annotated by Gregory A. Waselkov and Kathryn E. Holland Braund, reviewed by Paul Wehr; HAD I THE WINGS: THE FRIENDSHIP OF BACHMAN AND AUDUBON, by Jay Shuler, reviewed by Steven Valdespino; STEPPING OUT OF THE SHADOWS: ALABAMA WOMEN, 1919-1990, edited by Mary Martha Thomas, reviewed by Sarah P. Vickers; THE STRUGGLE FOR THE GEORGIA COAST: AN EIGHTEENTH CENTURY SPANISH RETROSPECTIVE ON GUALE AND MOCAMA, by John E. Worth, reviewed by Richard Durshlag; AFTER APPOMATTOX: How THE SOUTH WON THE WAR, by Stetson Kennedy, reviewed by Augustus Burns; SLOSS FURNACES AND THE RISE OF THE BIRMINGHAM DISTRICT: AN INDUSTRIAL EPIC, by W. David Lewis, reviewed by Edward Keuchel; LOUISA MCCORD: POLITICAL AND SOCIAL ESSAYS, edited by Richard C. Lounsbury, reviewed by Suzanne Marshall; BECOMING SOUTHERN: THE EVOLUTION OF A WAY OF LIFE, WARREN COUNTY AND VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI, 1770-1860, by Christopher Morris, reviewed by Mark I. Greenberg; POLITICS AND WELFARE IN BIRMINGHAM, 1900-1975, by Edward Shannon LaMonte, reviewed by Henry M. McKiven, Jr.; FORTH TO THE MIGHTY CONFLICT: ALABAMA AND WORLD WAR II, by Allen Cronenberg, reviewed by George F. Pearce; THE FREDRICKSBURG CAMPAIGN: DECISION ON THE RAPPAHANNOCK, edited by Gary W. Gallagher, reviewed by W. Robert Houston; WHEN THE YANKEES CAME: CONFLICT AND CHAOS IN THE OCCUPIED SOUTH, 1861-1865, by Stephen V. Ash, reviewed by George E. Buker; APRIL ‘65: CONFEDERATE ACTION IN THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, by William A. Tidwell, reviewed by David J. Coles; THE JOURNALS OF JOSIAH GORGAS, 1857-1878, edited by Sarah Woolfolk Wiggins, reviewed by Robert A. Taylor; A JEWISH COLONEL IN THE CIVIL WAR: MARCUS M. SPIEGEL OF THE OHIO VOLUNTEERS, edited by Jean Powers and Frank L. Byrne, reviewed by James C. Clark; LEE’S ADJUTANT: THE WARTIME LETTERS OF COLONEL WALTER HERRON TAYLOR, 1862-1865, edited by R. Lockwood Tower, reviewed by Hutch Johnson; PUERTO REAL: THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF A SIXTEENTH-CENTURY SPANISH TOWN IN HISPANIOLA, edited by Kathleen Deagan, reviewed by John F. Scarry; LATIN AMERICAN UNDERDEVELOPMENT: A HISTORY OF PERSPECTIVES IN THE UNITED STATES, 1870-1965, by James William Park, reviewed by Robert L. Gold; TURNING RIGHT IN THE SIXTIES: THE CONSERVATIVE CAPTURE OF THE GOP, by Mary C. Brennan, reviewed by James A. Hijiya