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Book Reviews


SPANISH TREASURE. FLEETS, by Timothy R. Walton, reviewed by Eugene Lyon; FLORIDA IN POETRY A HISTORY OF THE IMAGINATION, edited by Jane Anderson Jones and Maurice J. O’Sullivan, reviewed by Kevin M. McCarthy; THE COLUMBIA RESTAURANT SPANISH COOKBOOK, by Adela Hernandez Gonzmart and Ferdie Pacheco, reviewed by Martin Favata; HISTORY OF BREVARD COUNTY, by Jerrell H. Shofner, reviewed by Gordon Patterson; A HISTORY OF ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA, by Jerrell H. Shofner, reviewed by William Warren Rogers; FLAGS ALONG THE COAST; CHARTING THE GULF OF MEXICO, 1519-1759: A REAPPRAISAL, by Jack Jackson, reviewed by William S. Coker; TIDECRAFT: THE BOATS OF SOUTH CAROLINA, GEORGIA AND NORTHEASTERN FLORIDA, 1550-1950, by William C. Fleetwood, Jr., reviewed by Hampton Dunn; WRITING OUT MY HEART: SELECTIONS FROM THE JOURNAL OF FRANCES E. WILLARD, 1855-96, edited by Carolyn De Swarte Gifford, reviewed by Joan S. Carver; THE INNER JEFFERSON: PORTRAIT OF A GRIEVING OPTIMIST, by Andrew Burstein, reviewed by Ernest F. Dibble; ROBERT E. LEE, A BIOGRAPHY, by Emory M. Thomas, reviewed by W. Robert Houston; TROUBLED WATERS: CHAMPION INTERNATIONAL AND THE PIGEON RIVER CONTROVERSY, by Richard A. Bartlett, reviewed by Harvey H. Jackson III; JOHN MUIR: APOSTLE OF NATURE, by Thurman Wilkins, part of the series The Oklahoma Western Biographies, edited by Richard W. Etulain, reviewed by Richard A. Bartlett; CRUSADING FOR CHEMISTRY: THE PROFESSIONAL CAREER OF CHARLES HOLMES HERTY, by Germaine E. Reed, reviewed by Jeffrey A. Drobney; THE POLITICS OF RAGE: GEORGE WALLACE, THE ORIGINS OF THE NEW CONSERVATISM, AND THE TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICAN POLITICS, by Dan T. Carter, reviewed by Timothy S. Huebner; FROM DEMAGOGUE TO DIXIECRAT: HORACE WILKINSON AND THE POLITICS OF RACE, by Glenn Feldman, reviewed by Jack E. Davis; READING, WRITING, AND RACE: THE DESEGREGATION OF THE CHARLOTTE SCHOOL.S, by Davison M. Douglas, reviewed by Linda O. McMurry; THE SEPARATE CITY: BLACK COMMUNITIES IN THE URBAN SOUTH, 1940-1968, by Christopher Silver and John V. Moeser, reviewed by Raymond Arsenault; THE FDR YEARs: ON ROOSEVELT AND HIS LEGACY, by William E. Leuchtenburg, reviewed by Ed Dolan; WEAPONS FOR VICTORY: THE HIROSHIMA DECISION FIFIY YEARS LATER, by Robert James Maddox, reviewed by Arch Fredric Blakey; GOODBYE, MACHIAVELLI: GOVERNMENT AND AMERICAN LIFE, by Bernard W. Wishy, reviewed by George B. Crawford