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Book Reviews


THE NEW HISTORY OF FLORIDA, edited by Michael Gannon, reviewed by Thomas Graham; PIONEER FAMILY: LIFE ON FLORIDA’S TWENTIETH-CENTURY FRONTIER, by Michel Oesterreicher, reviewed by James M. Denham; HUGH ROBINSON: PIONEER AVIATOR, by George L. Vergara, reviewed by James A. Schnur; HAVANA USA: CUBAN EXILES AND CUBAN AMERICANS IN SOUTH FLORIDA, 1959-1994, by Maria Cristina Garcia, reviewed by Charles W. Arnade; THE SEARCH FOR THOMAS F. WARD, TEACHER OF FREDERICK DELIUS, by Don C. Gillespie, reviewed by Wiley L. Housewright; FIFTY YEARS OF SOUTHEASTERN ARCHAEOLOGY: SELECTED WORKS OF JOHN W. GRIFFIN, edited by Patricia C. Griffin, reviewed by John H. Hann; HOW TO DO ARCHAEOLOGY THE RIGHT WAY, by Barbara A. Purdy, reviewed by Patricia C. Griffin; OUR SOUTHERN ZION: A HISTORY OF CALVINISM IN THE SOUTH CAROLINA LOW COUNTRY, 1690-1990, by Erskine Clarke, reviewed by Samuel S. Hill; JAMES GLEN: FROM SCOTTISH PROVOST TO ROYAL GOVERNOR OF SOUTH CAROLINA, by W. Stitt Robinson, reviewed by Robert R. Rea; JUDGMENT AND GRACE IN DIXIE: SOUTHERN FAITHS FROM FAULKNER TO ELVIS, by Charles Reagan Wilson, reviewed by Julian W. Pleasance; THE PEOPLE’S WRITER: ERSKINE CALDWELL AND THE SOUTH, by Wayne Mixon, reviewed by Eileen Knott; BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF THE UNION— NORTHERN LEADERS OF THE CIVIL WAR, edited by John T. Hubbell and James W. Geary, reviewed by Zach Waters; THE PAPERS OF ANDREW JOHNSON, VOLUME 12, FEBRUARY-AUGUST 1867, edited by Paul H. Bergeron, reviewed by Richard N. Current; INDIAN DEPREDATION CLAIMS, 1796-1920, by Larry C. Skogen, reviewed by David La Vere; JAMES J. HILL: EMPIRE BUILDER OF THE NORTHWEST, by Michael P. Malone, reviewed by Paul W. Wehr; GUNS OR BUTTER: THE PRESIDENCY OF LYNDON JOHNSON, by Irving Bernstein, reviewed by Robert David Ward; GOD IN THE STADIUM: SPORTS AND RELIGION IN AMERICA, by Robert J. Higgs, reviewed by Dennis B. Downy; WHITE HOUSE TO YOUR HOUSE: MEDIA AND POLITICS IN VIRTUAL AMERICA, by Edwin Diamond and Robert A. Silverman, reviewed by Philip H. Pollock; THE POPULIST PERSUASION: AN AMERICAN HISTORY, by Michael Kazin, reviewed by Ed Dolan; A POLITICIAN GOES TO WAR: THE CIVIL WAR LETTERS OF JOHN WHITE GEARY, edited by William Alan Blair, reviewed by M. Edward Hughes