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Book Reviews


CATHOLIC PARISH LIFE ON FLORIDA’S WEST COAST, 1860-1968, by Michael J. McNally, reviewed by Michael Gannon; CESAR CHAVEZ: A TRIUMPH OF SPIRIT, by Richard Griswold del Castillo and Richard A. Garcia, reviewed by Cindy Hahamovitch; AN ASSUMPTION OF SOVEREIGNTY: SOCIAL AND POLITICAL TRANSFORMATION AMONG THE FLORIDA SEMINOLES 1953-1979, by Harry A. Kersey, Jr., reviewed by John K. Mahon; CHOCTAW GENESIS, 1500-1700, by Patricia Galloway, reviewed by F. Michael Williams; THE TRANSFORMING HAND OF REVOLUTION: RECONSIDERING THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION AS A SOCIAL MOVEMENT, edited by Ronald Hoffman and Peter J. Albert, reviewed by Edmund F. Kallina, Jr.; LETTERS OF DELEGATES TO CONGRESS, 1774-1789, Vol. 23, November 7, 1785-November 5, 1786, edited by Paul Smith and Ronald M. Gephart, reviewed by Robert M. Calhoon; HONOR AND SLAVERY: LIES, DUELS, NOSES, MASKS, DRESSING AS A WOMAN, GIFTS, STRANGERS, HUMANITARIANISM, DEATH, SLAVE REBELLIONS, THE PROSLAVERY ARGUMENT, BASEBALL, HUNTING AND GAMBLING IN THE OLD SOUTH, by Kenneth S. Greenberg, reviewed by Richard C. Crepeau; ROBERT STAFFORD OF CUMBERLAND ISLAND: GROWTH OF A PLANTER, by Mary R. Bullard, reviewed by Fred W. Brogdon; IN THE MASTER’S EYE: REPRESENTATIONS OF WOMEN, BLACKS, AND POOR WHITES IN ANTEBELLUM SOUTHERN LITERATURE, by Susan J. Tracy, reviewed by Anne E. Rowe; LEE THE SOLDIER, edited by Gary W. Gallagher, reviewed by John M. Belohlavek; CHANCELLORSVILLE: THE BATTLE AND ITS AFTERMATH, edited by Gary W. Gallagher, reviewed by Hutch Johnson; Now THE WOLF HAS COME: THE CREEK NATION IN THE CIVIL WAR, by Christine Schultz White and Benton R. White, reviewed by Patricia R. Wickman; TWICE THE WORK OF FREE LABOR: THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF CONVICT LABOR IN THE NEW SOUTH, by Alex Lichtenstein, reviewed by Clay Ouzts; TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE IN AMERICAN CULTURE: SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, AND MEDICINE SINCE THE EARLY 1800s, edited by Hamilton Cravens, Alan I. Marcus, and David M. Katzman, reviewed by William M. Straight, M.D.; CIVILIZATION & BLACK PROGRESS: SELECTED WRITINGS OF ALEXANDER CRUMMEL ON THE SOUTH, edited by J. R. Oldfield, reviewed by Larry E. Rivers; SILK STOCKINGS & BALLOT BOXES: WOMEN & POLITICS IN NEW ORLEANS, 1920-1963, by Pamela Tyler, reviewed by Edith Ambrose; THE KINGFISH AND THE CONSTITUTION: HUEY LONG, THE FIRST AMENDMENT, AND THE EMERGENCE OF MODERN PRESS FREEDOM IN AMERICA, by Richard C. Cortner, reviewed by Timothy S. Huebner; THE NEW GEORGIA GUIDE, compiled by Georgia Humanities Council, introduction by Thomas G. Dyer, reviewed by William Warren Rogers; ONE NAME BUT SEVERAL FACES: VARIETY IN POPULAR CHRISTIAN DENOMINATIONS IN SOUTHERN HISTORY, by Samuel S. Hill, reviewed by James Thomas Gay; THE NEW CRUSADES, THE NEW HOLY LAND: CONFLICT IN THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION, 1969-1991, by David T. Morgan, reviewed by Bill J. Leonard; MAKING CIVIL RIGHTS LAW: THURGOOD MARSHALL AND THE SUPREME COURT, 1936-1961, by Mark V. Tushnet, reviewed by Stephen Grant Meyer; THE MAKING OF MARTIN LUTHER KING AND THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT, edited by Brian Ward and Tony Badger, reviewed by Wali Rashash Kharif