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Book Reviews


THE FLORIDA KEYS: A HISTORY OF THE PIONEERS, by John Viele, reviewed by Rodney E. Dillon, Jr.; FATAL GLORY: NARCISO LOPEZ AND THE FIRST CLANDESTINE U.S. WAR AGAINST CUBA, by Tom Chaffin, reviewed by Antonio Rafael de la Cova; FROM WELCOMED EXILES TO ILLEGAL IMIMIGRANTS: CUBAN MIGRATION TO THE U.S., 1959-1995, by Felix Masud-Piloto, reviewed by Paul S. George; A CENTURY OF CUBAN WRITERS IN FLORIDA, edited by Carolina Hospital and Jorge Cantera, reviewed by Humberto López Cruz; THE PALEOINDIAN AND EARLY ARCHAIC SOUTHEAST, edited by David G. Anderson and Kenneth E. Sassaman, reviewed by Marion S. Gilliland; INTERPRETING EARLY AMERICA: HISTORIOGRAPHICAL ESSAYS, by Jack P. Greene, reviewed by Meaghan N. Duff; THE MAKING OF SACAGAWEA: A EURO-AMERICAN LEGEND, by Donna J. Kessler, reviewed by Susan E. Myers-Shirk; LOUISA S. MCCORD: POEMS, DRAMA, BIOGRAPHY, LETTERS, edited by Richard C. Lounsbury, reviewed by Suzanne Marshall; A REFUGE FOR ALL AGES: IMMIGRATION IN LOUISIANA HISTORY, edited by Carl A. Brasseaux, reviewed by Ethan Grant; ADMIRAL DAVID DIXON PORTER: THE CIVIL WAR YEARS, by Chester G. Hearn, reviewed by Royce Shingleton; ONE DIES, GET ANOTHER: CONVICT LEASING IN THE AMERICAN SOUTH, 1866-1928, by Matthew J. Mancini, reviewed by Larry E. Rivers; VARIETIES OF SOUTHERN HISTORY: NEW ESSAYS ON A REGION AND ITS PEOPLE, edited by Bruce Clayton and John Salmond, reviewed by George B. Ellenberg; HUEY AT 100: CENTENNIAL ESSAYS ON HUEY P. LONG, edited by Glen Jeansonne, reviewed by Michael David Tegeder; HARRY BYRD OF VIRGINIA, by Ronald L. Heinemann, reviewed by Glenn Feldman; SOCIALIZING SECURITY: PROGRESSIVE-ERA, ECONOMISTS AND THE ORIGINS OF AMERICAN SOCIAL POLICY, by David A. Moss, reviewed by Eric Thomas; RACE, POVERTY AND AMERICAN CITIES, edited by John Charles Boger and Judith Welch Wegner, reviewed by Brian Adkins; WHEN DEMPSEY FOUGHT TUNNEY: HEROES, HOKUM, AND STORYTELLING IN THE JAZZ AGE, by Bruce J. Evensen, reviewed by Jack E. Davis; REVERSING COURSE: CARTER’S FOREIGN POLICY, DOMESTIC POLITICS, AND THE FAILURE OF REFORM, by David Skidmore, reviewed by Thomas F. Wagy