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Book Reviews


A HISTORY OF THE TIMUCUA INDIANS AND MISSIONS, by John H. Hann, reviewed by Charles Hudson; MIAMI: THE AMERICAN CROSSROAD, A CENTENNIAL JOURNEY 1896-1996, by Arva Moore Parks and Gregory W. Bush, reviewed by Paul S. George; THE NEW ORLEANS CABILDO: COLONIAL LOUISIANA’S FIRST CITY GOVERNMENT, 1769-1803, by Gilbert C. Din and John E. Harkins, reviewed by F. Todd Smith; JOURNAL OF A VISIT TO THE GEORGIA ISLANDS OF ST. CATHERINES, GREEN, OSSABAW, SAPELO, ST. SIMONS, JEKYLL, AND CUMBERLAND WITH COMMENTS ON THE FLORIDA ISLANDS OF AMELIA, TALBOT, AND ST. GEORGE IN 1753, edited by Virginia Steele Wood and Mary R. Bullard, reviewed by R. Frank Saunder, Jr.; UNDERSTANDING THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: ISSUES AND ANSWERS, by Jack P. Greene, reviewed by Patricia Farless; POLITICAL CULTURE IN THE NINETEENTH-CENTURY SOUTH: MISSISSIPPI, 1850-1900, by Bradley G. Bond, reviewed by Peter Wallenstein; NELSON A. MILES AND THE TWILIGHT OF THE FRONTIER ARMY, by Robert Wooster, reviewed by John D. McDermott; A VERY VIOLENT REBEL: THE CIVIL WAR DIARY OF ELLEN RENSHAW HOUSE, edited by Daniel E. Sutherland, reviewed by Christopher M. Paine; THE ALABAMA— THE KEARSARGE: THE SAILOR’S CIVIL WAR, by William Marvel, reviewed by David L. Valuska; COLONEL BURTON’S SPILLER & BURR REVOLVER: AN UNTIMELY VENTURE IN CONFEDERATE SMALL-ARMS MANUFACTURING, by Matthew W. Norman, reviewed by Stuart C. Mowbray; BENTONVILLE: THE FINAL BATTLE OF SHERMAN AND JOHNSTON, by Nathaniel Cheairs Hughes, Jr., reviewed by Dale Harter; THE GREAT SOUTH CAROLINA KU KLUX KLAN TRIALS, 1871-1872, by Lou Falkner Williams, reviewed by Dianne Miller Sommerville; AN ISLAND IN THE LAKE OF FIRE: BOB JONES UNIVERSITY, FUNDAMENTALISM, AND THE SEPARATIST MOVEMENT, by Mark Dalhouse and GOD’S RASCAL: J. FRANK NORRIS & THE BEGINNINGS OF SOUTHERN FUNDAMENTALISM, by Barry Hankins, reviewed by William R. Glass; LOOKING FOR CLARK GABLE AND OTHER 20TH-CENTURY PURSUITS, by Virginia Van Der Veer Hamilton, reviewed by William Warren Rogers; HARRY S. TRUMAN VERSUS THE MEDICAL LOBBY: THE GENESIS OF MEDICARE, by Monte M. Poen, reviewed by Steven Burg; PERFECT VILLIANS, IMPERFECT HEROES: ROBERT F. KENNEDY’S WAR AGAINST ORGANIZED CRIME, by Ronald Goldfarb, reviewed by Frank DeBenedictis; FROM OPPORTUNITY TO ENTITLEMENT: THE TRANSPORTATION AND DECLINE OF GREAT SOCIETY LIBERALISM, by Gareth Davies, reviewed by Richard D. Loosbrock