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Book Reviews


THE INDIANS’ NEW SOUTH: CULTURAL CHANGE IN THE COLONIAL SOUTHEAST, by James Axtell, reviewed by Theda Perdue; “A ROGUE’S PARADISE”: CRIME AND PUNISHMENT IN ANTEBELLUM FLORIDA, 1821-1861, by James M. Denham, reviewed by Maxwell Bloomfield; BUILDING MARVELOUS MIAMI, by Nicholas N. Patricios, reviewed by Donald W. Curl; JOHN ELLIS: MERCHANT, MICROSCOPIST, NATURALIST, AND KING’S AGENT— A BIOLOGIST OF HIS TIMES, by Julius Groner and Paul F. S. Cornelius, reviewed by Roy A. Rauschenberg; “WHAT NATURE SUFFERS TO GROE”: LIFE, LABOR, AND LANDSCAPE ON THE GEORGIA COAST, 1680-1920, by Mart A. Stewart, reviewed by Jeffrey R. Young; LETTERS OF DELEGATES TO CONGRESS, 1774-1789, VOLUME 24, NOVEMBER 6, 1786-FEBRUARY 29, 1788, edited by Paul H. Smith and Ronald M. Gephart, reviewed by Robert M. Calhoon; POLICING THE SOUTHERN CITY; NEW ORLEANS, 1805-1889, by Dennis C. Rousey, reviewed by David R. Johnson; TAKING CHRISTIANITY TO CHINA: ALABAMA MISSIONARIES IN THE MIDDLE KINGDOM, 1850-1950, by Wayne Flynt and Gerald W. Berkley, reviewed by David D. Buck; THE PEOPLE’S WELFARE: LAW AND REGULATION IN NINETEENTH-CENTURY AMERICA, by William J. Novak, reviewed by Eric Tscheschlok; THE DARKEST DAYS OF THE WAR: THE BATTLES OF IUKA & CORINTH, by Peter Cozzens, reviewed by Brooks D. Simpson; SIX YEARS OF HELL: HARPERS FERRY DURING THE Civil WAR, by Chester G. Hearn, reviewed by Brian Holden Reid; THE QUALITY OF MERCY: SOUTHERN BAPTISTS AND SOCIAL CHRISTIANITY, 1890-1920, by Keith Harper, reviewed by Thomas J. Little; SHERMAN’S HORSEMEN: UNION CAVALRY OPERATIONS IN THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN, by David Evans, reviewed by Christopher C. Meyers; THE PAPERS OF ANDREW JOHNSON, VOLUME 13, SEPTEMBER 1867-March 1868, edited by Paul H. Bergeron, reviewed by Richard N. Current; GULF COAST SOUNDINGS: PEOPLE & POLICY IN THE MISSISSIPPI SHRIMP INDUSTRY, by E. Paul Durrenberger, reviewed by Jack Rudloe; DIXIE DEBATES: PERSPECTIVES ON SOUTHERN CULTURE, edited by Richard H. King and Helen Taylor, reviewed by Pete Daniel; WHAT DO WE NEED A UNION FOR? THE TWUA IN THE SOUTH, 1945-1955, by Timothy J. Minchin, reviewed by William P. Jones; FROM GEORGE WALLACE TO NEWT GINGRICH: RACE IN THE CONSERVATIVE COUNTERREVOLUTION, 1963-1994, by Dan T. Carter, reviewed by Raymond Arsenault; JIMMY CARTER: AMERICAN MORALIST, by Kenneth E. Morris, reviewed by Edmund F. Kallina